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No one loves uncertainty more than US president Donald Trump does. From the beginning of his early years of building the business empire to his recent elevation to the position of world’ most powerful man, Donald Trump has proved himself to be the most uncertain and unreliable person. It’s true that politics is of uncertainty itself, and that it changes to fulfill the needs of time– even the top politicians and the representatives who move around the Capitol Hills in USA would agree. However, the degree of uncertainty that Trump exhibits is something unprecedented, often creating troubles for both his top bureaucratic personals as well as his fellow leaders from across the world. As Trump completes one year as the president of the United States, what the world could expect from him further is nothing but a lot more of confusion and vagueness.

Playing the Trump Card

In fact, the presidential race of Donald Trump was fuelled by the unexpected and unprecedented responses that he made about others and on several issues. From the inception of Televised debates way back from 1960s, US Presidential Election Campaigns are known for the quality of debates that the candidates engage in; the sensible arguments, logical reasoning for the criticisms and every proposition that they make were the result of weeks-long consultation and discussion with the campaign team and executives. However, in the case Trump, he spoke the way he felt; we reacted the way he felt. And it was this uncertain, unpredictable behaviour that brought media attention to the Republican candidate, whose candidature was ignored till then. The anti-Semitic comments and the Islamophobic opinions he expressed brought both large flocks of followers as well as the mainstream media into his campaign. Whereas the other candidates engaged in witty comments and professional criticisms, he went further by attacking every other candidate personally bringing in family and friends, yet another instance unprecedent in the modern US history.

Though his campaign was largely under the shades of this uncertainty, even those political observers with decades of experience thought he would continue this once he is elected to one of the most responsible and respected positions in the world. However, Trump continued proving he is Trump. For instance, he deviated from his initial stand of deporting 11 million refugees from US soil. Though laws were made, judicial system struck them down and a little have been done so far to achieve this proposal of Trump. Similar was the case with the Trump’s views on NATO allies and their funding. Throughout the campaign, Trump raised his vocal criticism against the NATO which ‘drained the resources of his great nation by paying less for what everyone enjoys in terms of protection from terror and threats. He even went to the extent of directly attacking countries like South Korea and Japan for draining the American resource for their own welfare amidst the financial crisis that the US economy faced in the recent years. However, the moment he became president, he swallowed his words and spoke with his counterparts in both these countries.

In fact, today, Trump considers Shinzo Abe, the Japanese premier, as his closest ally with whom he reportedly spoke for several hours over phone and even shared a golf course during the latter’s visit to US earlier this year. Similarly, he recently emerged in defence of South Korea whenever the North Korea engaged in psychological and strategic tactics to create fear and instability in the region. Similarly, his immigration plans including building a wall and making Mexico pay for it didn’t emerge much in his post-election speeches. In fact, he later modified or rolled back several of his own proposals that he made prior to his election. Similar was the case with the immigrant deportation force which he fiercely proposed throughout his year-long campaign. He also softened his proposal for a complete Muslim ban that he proposed initially. He later softened his voice and even went to the extent of removing the use of ‘Muslim’ in relation to the same. Thus, Trump’s progression in politics relates to surprises and uncertainties that he himself created. For a man who built his empire through several ups and downs, this is something new; after all what would we expect from a man who changed political parties probably more frequently than any other politician in the history of USA.

For many, Trump still forms the last hope at protecting the identity and culture of the American people and its traditional roots from the ‘invasion’ of the multiculturalism and religious diversity. Thus, the world would see the uncertain US president creating unprecedented waves for a while. As he completed a year in presidency, the momentum that he derives from this conservative base will further strengthen him to continue his rhetoric. The only thing certain about Trump is that he will be always uncertain.

-Contributed by Jiss Palelil

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