Why Trump won’t be the Trump Card for Americans and the World

If there had to be a red letter year in our lives instead of a red letter day, then undoubtedly 2016 will be the one as United States will vote for its new President in November. Of course, we are citizens of a different country who shouldn?t be too concerned as to who gets elected as the President of the US, but given its tremendous power in all the world affairs, and the growing relations between India and the US it should be a matter of interest for one and all.

When I turned on to my television few days ago, I saw Donald Trump flashing on the screen making yet another controversial statement, which worries me quite a bit. In the past few months, after constantly listening to his debates, I increasingly got concerned about the future of Americans and of the world, if he were to win the upcoming Presidential election.

Donald Trump might possess immense financial and economical power to be able to run the nation in the appropriate manner, however, with his statements on several issues over the past few months, he has emerged as a candidate whose election will eventually prove to be a danger for America as well as the rest of the world.

From his recent interviews, what is evident is that he does not hold much respect for women, and Muslims. In an interview given to the TIME in 2011, he commented that working women would not be contributing full hundred percent to the work assigned to them, as 16 percent of their attention would be spent in devoting time to look after their children. Such attitude towards working women indicates that he has a strong misperception that work and women cannot go together, and even if it does, the productivity of men will be far more when compared to the women.

When we all are being reminded time and again about compassion and peace, Donald Trump comes out as someone who very much believes in the ideology of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, as was conveyed in an interview with Play Boy in the year 1990, that if made the President of the nation, he would restart the practice of death penalty as he did not understand as to why murders should be given any form of redemption. Although, this statement was made more than two decades ago, yet such a thought process can be alarming for the citizens of the United States.

But of all the controversial statements which he has ever made out in public, his claim to put a complete ban on Muslims in the US not only came out as a shocker but caused panic for all the Muslim Americans in the US. When the entire world is fighting against the horrendous work done by the terrorists, Donald Trump has made the task of making people understand the clear difference between a terrorist and a Muslim even more difficult. He is very much aware of the situation in America, where a majority of the Americans still fear the Muslim community after the 9/11 attacks and other terror strikes across the world in the recent times. We are all very well aware that only a small proportion of Muslims are terrorists and there is clearly no link which can establish Muslims as the symbol of terrorism. But Trump has cleverly played with the mindset of the people as all they demand from their next President is security from the terror attacks. By referring to Muslims as a source of terrorism, his idea to put a complete ban on them assures the Americans quite furtively that they will be safe if he is elected as the President of America. Trump has thus played on the ideology of those Americans who believe that all Muslims are to be blamed for the ongoing terror attacks. His propaganda might sound soothing for some conservative Americans but has certainly raised an eyebrow among Muslim Americans, who now see a pessimistic future in the US if Trump wins the 2016 elections.

Also, at an event, when he imitated a physically disabled journalist who is living with anthrogryposis, a medical condition which leads to restricted movement of joints, he evidently came out to be an utterly and disgustingly rude person. This indicates how mean he is, and Americans need to be prepared for such acts more often if he were to become the President.

At a rally in Alabama, a person protested against him and shouted the slogan of ?Black Lives Matter?. When Trump asked the audience to throw him out, the protestor identified as Mercutio Southall, was hit by Trump supporters for speaking out his mind. Such incidents raise concerns about the future of the black people in America given the unwelcoming response portrayed by Trump on hearing the familiar slogan. In addition, with his recent remark on the Mexican immigrants where he referred to them as rapists and criminals, he is viewed as hostile to immigrants, which might prove to be an issue for US  relations with other nations.

Americans must be cautious when going to vote this November. While Hillary still seems to be the favorite to win the election, they shouldn?t trap themselves into Trump game, which will have its repercussions should he be elected the next President.

– Contributed by Shivanshi, a Student of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Journalism

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