Treading off the Dark— Recovering from Mental Illnesses

Human insecurities are naturally the biggest threat to mankind– advancing in fields of technology to being superpowers, there still remains a unanimous angst of overshadowing the significant other. Well, in a society where existentialism is defined too rigidly in terms of its human interaction, apparently there is no safe space of mediating with the precursor. However, this precursor of downplaying wit shouldn’t be any mere tendency of substantiate disregard. The potency of this affair is such that it could personally cost the lives of people.

It is still agonizing that the world, despite setting benchmarks on artificial intelligence, remains in denial of unfettered paranoia. Tendency of disharmony has its traces recovering from the classical world, especially in ancient Rome, where physician Caelius Aurelianus provided earliest texts on mental illness elaborating on three kinds of mental illness: Phrenetis, mania and melancholy. Phrenetis is a form of instability resulting from fever causing fluctuation in pulse rates and twitching in muscles. Mania is basically triggered due to an incessant flow of thoughts further motivated by anger or distress. Melancholy is usually uncalled depression, which might be for some trauma or delusion, much relatable to the contemporary world. Meanwhile in the contemporary world mental, concerns all age dynamics and working spaces.

Human beings have superficially surpassed all possibilities but are still struggling to counter introspecting its darker side of disengagement and disparity. This could be triggered internally or induced by external forces. The composition of a human mind is extremely delicate and is vulnerable to all fears and insecurities bugging in the contacting interface which is, the world. It becomes very important to deal with past thoughts and regrets of personal experiences and to be more vocal about their encounters. A mental frenzy could be tackled better with communication, and individuals must not hesitate in confessing their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Being secretive about it makes situations rather worse and haywire, therefore, its approach should be neutral without any judgmental notion. With the deterioration of health or any breakdown of the system, there is always a prescribed medication. Same is the case with mental illness which rather cures the entire dysfunction of the body system. A lot has been added to the awareness of man’s understanding of mental wellness, after tremendous efforts of campaigning to normalise the fact that facing it isn’t anything unnatural.

Especially when puberty hits, it not only makes the body prone to hormonal changes but influences the understanding of situations which fluctuates without any reasoning. What is demanded at this point in time is communication with the ones who are approachable. The parental support is usually in denial of acknowledging the psychology of the child. They should also be kept in care of the school authorities and regarded delicately. Generally, teenagers at an age do not outrightly realise the volatility they are going through. However, the question that arises is, how can one sense the problems their child is facing? In that case even parents should be acquainted with counselling in a way that is immune to their child’s psychology. Otherwise, teenagers often risk their lives because of a perpetual state of depression. Their minds are equally impressionable by good and bad, so it becomes very necessary to regulate their exposure to positive dimensions in life.

Not only teenagers but people from all age groups and all walks of life are often scarred by tendencies which are inherently implicit or are influenced by any occurrences in their surroundings. It’s been a trend since any traumatic incident hits a terrifying impulse on the human mind and ideas of that instance keep on recurring in their thoughts and also makes them prone to mental disturbance. The causes of depression are several. It could be due to any typical mental breakdown or subconscious activity of the mind running parallel to different lifestyles. But then at this age of advancement and possibilities, every challenge is achievable. The only concern is that it demands being treated with calmness and normalcy.

This isn’t any symptom of abnormality but an understanding of human complex vis a vis the contacting world and its people. Immediate cure to this could be talking about it and rather trying to understand the situation of the victim without any compromise. Even bodily fluids affect the functioning of our nervous system, so this requires exercise to sweat out the lethargy and keeping ourselves engaged at work.  Striking the right balance in personal lives should be kept in mind, considering that one should break away from monotony. Therefore, a more cooperative society which is aware of its terms with mental illness should ideally be a precursor to this world being a better place.

Picture Courtesy- American Psychological Association


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