Tradition on the Decline

Over the years, India has established itself to be known as the country of rich culture, tradition, heritage, values and much more. As and when the world developed into modern countries/states, India also began to emerge as one of them but still clung on to its traditions. This transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation is what we so often come across- traditions. Believe it or not, the tradition of our families is what comes around to define and mould our souls, our beliefs and our outlook towards the world. Traditional activities relate to the heartfelt glorification of the said beliefs, customs and wishes, commonly termed as festivities or festivals.

Recalling those times when we plopped down in a circle around our grandparents listening to the glorious olden days of joyous celebrations is always a happy exercise. We all can personally relate when I speak about the stories that we have been told, where the festivals were a time when the entire family came together as one, the delicious savouries cooked for a small army of people that were the family. Back then, festivals were days that provided immense glee along the blessings of the gods. Children were always excited as it was that time of the year again when fashionable and brand-new clothes would arrive to them through the hands of their fathers. Tthough it was span of 2-3 days in a year, the vibe of festivities that washed over them was a pleasant sight for the eyes to look at. Existing in a country like ours, we stumble upon not one or two but an immense range of religious practices, and along with that comes around a well lined up holidays for us to get together and celebrate.

On drawing parallels with the happening of festivities back then and reverting back to the present day, we can witness a drastic drain in the practice of traditions in comparison to that carried forth by our grandparents. Long gone are the days where the family came to celebrate togetherness and worship the gods, to attend festivals or performing festivities. Every aspect of our lives, including our culture, have begun to undergo the infamous exercise of modernising.

I would like to explore more on this radical negligence towards the core values that was inculcated to us throughout our lives. Back in the time, according to the small remains of evidence in the forms of various books, and of course the stories passed on word, we have come to learn the auspicious days of the year that are noted for worshipping the gods above. It also comes to the picture that according to the books written by famous authors and scholars dating back to the period before the 1600’s and 1700’s that these grand pujas were conducted by great sages, and the people under their guidance followed and began conducting these small pujas at their homes to bring peace happiness, health and wealth to their family. It was also believed that the ones who participated in these auspicious rituals received the good they wished for.

It comes to us as a disappointment today, having to look at a large number of people hiring priests to finish the procedure, while they are themselves seated so as to merely view the ongoings. From the times where each fellow member of the family took part with the heart’s content to the hour where people live by the lines of having ‘limited available time’,  we have come a long way. Today, being unable to spend quality time to uphold the traditions, even if it is for the sake of family satisfaction, has become the norm.

Unfortunately, the sense of belonging has started to trek the path of decline. The faces which bore smile are now only characterised with an expression of ignorant laziness. The swift knowledge of science has slapped traditional beliefs right across the face. An upcoming trend of throwing parties for every festival has taken over the root values of the celebration of a festival.

Yet again, as a ray of hope, a golden egg of opportunity knocks at the door with the existence of a bunch who devote and mainly are grateful for the roots from which they rise to bright future. As they say, ‘Once you find yourself amongst hurdles and fears, your roots and values are the army that will help you fight.’

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