Toward a Healthy and Happy Society

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Nelson Mandela
The Covid-19 has undoubtedly tormented and tossed the rational, social and psychological faculties of human beings. It brought the supreme and superhuman to the valley of vanity and despair. Nevertheless, all is not over but only commenced. When wars, plagues, epidemics and the natural calamities took place, the society rose high and came out with triumph of humanity. It is the fundamental hallmark of a healthy and happy society to display, promote and preserve humanity. However, the abrupt outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill. Moreover, it caused the death of the lakhs of people and further damaged and disturbed each and every sphere of society. “Throughout history, nothing has killed more human beings than infectious disease. The Covid-19 shows how vulnerable we remain and how we can avoid similar pandemics in the future.” Hence, in this time of tension and turmoil, we should plan out systematically and scientifically to alleviate the virus, suffering and poverty from the face of the world and thus strive steadfastly to build a healthy and happy society.

None must have expected that the 21st century would have to face such a monstrous Covid-19, the devil of all devils and evil of all evils. One may even wonder how come this virus would cause such a languishing impression on the face of the whole world in spite of the advancement of science and technology. Because the Covid-19 not only crushed the various sectors like the economy, education, health, science, agriculture, tourism and what not but also affected the psychological and economic aspect of people. And the most vulnerable are the migrant workers, poor farmers, daily bread earners, vendors, the private employees like teachers and even small scale business people. At this juncture, a few questions haunt my mind, why should they suffer unjustly? Why have they become the victims of what they never deserve? Where is our government? What is the contribution of the greatly acclaimed advancement of science and technology? Are we not conscience-stricken? Have we failed as a society? Are we done? No, not at all. Truly, the story of the Covid-19 has taught us about the endurance and hope of the struggling people and also the innumerable efforts made by the generous and humane to save the lives of many. It further tricked the minds of the world leaders, experts, intellectuals, doctors, scientists, technologists, economists etc. to know and ask themselves where they have reached, where they are marching ahead and how far they have served and promoted the humanity and contributed towards a healthy and happy society. The best and the most appropriate way to deal with such a deadly virus or calamities in the future is to always be self-motivated consciously and imitate the greatest values.

“Politics without principles.
Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.”

With a minor change, the above maxims are aimed at the holistic development of the society and nature, where all people have a place to live a better life. “Most people think this crisis has the potential to ‘shake things up’ for a better society.” So every initiative, progress, development and advancement must be towards building a humanitarian society and the world.

Politics with Principles The government as the soul of the state and the nation has the highest responsibility to take care of its citizens and ensure a safe and secured life for all people. As the hen protects its chickens from the monstrous eagles, so the government should seek opportunity in difficulties and take care of its people so systematically and sincerely. For this, the government must focus on self-reliance with the progress of all. It is noteworthy to see the government of India bringing out the blueprint – “ Make in India”, “vocal for local”, “ think globally but act locally”- to make India a self-reliant country as an emerging global economic power. Hence, the government must focus on empowering every individual and enabling even the last citizen to have access to good education, health and economic growth.

Wealth with Work It calls each and every individual to be greatly responsible and work sincerely and seriously for the good and growth of the society. It also urges the importance of creating employment and job opportunities for people. The states must come up with new schemes and salient ideas to guarantee work in the same state. The companies and the corporates must cease to manipulate the innocents and focus genuinely on making the medicines, health facilities and vaccines available to all the sections of people. For this, “we need to double down on the development of vaccines, which will include assuring large pharma companies that their investments won’t be wasted should an outbreak end before one is ready.”

Pleasure with Conscience As the Covid-19 has put a brake to all the pleasures and entertainments, we need to introspect into one’s own daily life and our moral obligation towards the fellow dying human being. It is high time to ask oneself how far we have been helpful to the needy and how far we have been really and truly a human being to another human being in need. The world today stands in need of liberation from the bondage of selfish and callousness behaviour of the people. Let us not turn a blind eye to the suffering and the dying.

Knowledge with Character The age-old values are the key to a healthy and happy society. I was really shocked when a child asked, “Why are we suffering unjustly?” The creators of the virus and poverty are someone else but ultimately, we are the ones pushed into the den of thorns and thistles. Yes, it is an appropriate moment to ponder about the origin of the virus. Is it man-made or nature-made? If it is man-made then we have forgotten the values of serving humanity. Then arises the question, what have our educational institutes taught us, is it only to be super rich and superpower even without worrying about the neighbour. No doubt we are successful in reaching Mars and buying the land but failed to reach out to the needy neighbour and win the hearts of the poor. A better world becomes possible only when we have regard and respect for others. “The only potential solution to come out of this crisis is international cooperation and faith in multilateral institutions.” So let us not go for coin over character.

Commerce with Morality Commerce as the backbone of the society must always protect its people not only by giving things but also by providing an opportunity to earn one’s own bread. “A better society is possible by investing in three basic needs of people- food, water, shelter and provide three primary basic services- healthcare, education and banking- that people and society need for their well-being.” One of the heartbreaking incidents that we have witnessed during the Covid-19 is the struggle of the migrant workers. It has truly exposed the weakness and failure of the states and the nation to provide the basic needs to them. It is the need of the hour to draft new laws and norms in favour of them and urge the companies and the agencies to bear the responsibilities of taking care of the economic and social needs of the employees.

Science with Humanity As the plant vanishes without root so science without humanity and nature. If a man becomes enemy to another man then where shall a man go and live? There have been great inventions and I feel that a novel discovery is required most today where all people have three meals a day, where all begin to see good in others and where all the nations become brothers and sisters, where all think of substantial development and take care of nature in a responsible way. It is a naked truth that the Covid-19 served as a blessing in disguise for nature to be healed from the clutches of the selfish and unholy ways of the technological modern man. We should take steps to take care of nature like observing every first day of the month as no vehicle day. Let us be reminded that we are only stewards of the earth and not the masters over it.

Worship with Sacrifice It is rightly said that helping hands are better than praying hands. What can save humanity is only the humanity. The prayers and worships that we do in the temples, mosques and the churches must not be confined to the four walls but must reflect in our daily life, especially in the times of hardships and obstacles. It is then that we become the visible gods to the poor, needy, hungry and the suffering. We all must come out of the comfort zone of one’s own narrow-mindedness and start respecting others as we respect ourselves. Let us live and let others to live in peace, harmony and freedom.

The road ahead is certainly going to be challenging but not impossible. The human spirit and zeal can rise above every trial and test only when all people live consciously, promoting the good and growth of the society. Therefore, let us be filled with new spirit, new life and new hope and strive ever more greatly to build a healthy and happy society.

-Vijay Kumar Dondapati (One of the winners of Covid-19 Article Writing Competition in the 25-34 years age group)

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