The Biography of World

Generally, the people are asked to read biographies of great individuals to get the greater qualities imbibed so as to lead the greatest life. It is crystal clear that the qualities of the former teach something good to the latter.

Similarly, societies too learn from the past. The societies also have to read the biographies of previous societies. That is nothing but history. Hence, I call history is a biography of previous society.

History is obviously the story of successful changes of societies across the world from time to time. When we say history is important, some people frown and question its significance. I want to question them “Are you not curious to know the names and lifestyle of your grandfathers and great grandfathers?” Most of those people no doubt respond affirmatively. Knowledge of history also has such importance – a chronological account written about a particular people, country, period, or person. These accounts relating to them is nothing but history. In my opinion, the people who digested histories made histories in the world. For instance, Nepolean Bonaparte. Many such leaders mwho made histories are avid readers of history. As most of us are aware, history is divided into ancient, medieval and modern. Ancient history dates back to 3600BC to 500AD, medieval starts from 500AD to 1500AD and the modern history starts from 1500AD.

Everybody is familiar with the three stages of history but very few focus on how the lives of people got impacted with the practices of certain period of history and how one stage of history impacted the other. The educators and learners ought to understand the take homes of each period and should analyse every stage of history transformed its civilization to the others and how the past is helpful to understand the evolution of human being and civilization and how the relay game of history from one period to the other makes us amuse.

I want to give the best take home of ancient civilization. Can we imagine the modern world without bikes, buses, trains and aeroplanes? Without a wheel none of the above move an inch. The ancient civilization had invented wheel for us so that we are enjoying the comforts of advanced transportation. The modern child comes to know that there was no wheel ages and ages ago until it was invented. Thus, the child appreciates the wisdom and knowledge of ancestors. The child too understands that our ancestors sowed the seeds of advanced development.

If there is no calendar, no task can be completed on time. Thanks to Medieval men who designed Anno Domini Calendar. A monk named Dionysius Exigus created this new dating system as a part of his efforts to understand the dating of Easter. Gradually, the usage of this calendar became the best tool and now is the most widely accepted system for counting years in the world. Very few students know how important the monk’s contribution to the modern world.

Modern history can be called a golden age for a better civilization. India taught a great lesson to the world in the modern age which is relevant to any geographical area. What is this great lesson? A lesson of humanity. That is the weapon of Non-Violence. India’s Non-Violent freedom struggle made the West think about their own ways of movements. Modern India proved that Non-Violence is not a passive resistance but the more powerful active resistance which avoids loss of flesh and blood. The Non-Violence weapon of India brought Independence without retaliation but with convincing methods. The Indian philosophy of protest through non-violent means encouraged Civil Rights movement in the US. Martin Luther King JR adopted non-violent movement inspired by India’s freedom struggle and made possible the implementation of the Civil Rights Bill in the US Congress in 1964, which resulted in the abolishment of racial segregation based on colour.

The great men and women of all three ages are sources of inspiration to the current generation, which we usually refer to as millennials. The invincible conquests of Alexander the Great and his annexation of all countries into Greece teaches us that a spark of ambition creates big flames of victories if sparks are fanned properly. Ancient India too produced great men who are role models to the men and women of current generation. Acharaya Chanakya is known for his intelligent administration and guide as a great teacher. If we visit book banks, we find many books in the name of corporate Chanakya, etc. Often the modern intelligent politicians and strategists are titled Chanakya. He taught the world the significance of a teacher by introducing his student Chandragupta Maurya to the world. If a child gets exposed to the beautiful accounts of these men, they may excel in their life.

An English physician and surgeon, John Arderne gave great relief to mankind by inventing his own anesthetic using opium – such historical facts always serve as an inspiration to the modern scientists. School students should be made to know that once upon a time the flesh was cut during a treatment procedure when the patient was in full conscious state. Historical and scientific facts narrated in a chronological manner will imbibe creativity amongst students.

India’s great contribution to mathematics during medieval times is less known to many millennials. Acharya Narayan Pandit in his Siddhanth Deepika gave rules for trigonometrical terms like Sine, Cosine, Cosine Tangent Cotangent. Acharya Nilakhanta in his Tantrasamgraha gave rules of trigonometrical functions. The works of our ancestors inspire us to explore many things in the modern world.

The most impactful person of modern India is no doubt Swami Vivekananda. His preachings and powerful inspiring quotes are common on the walls of houses and the offices. His eloquence and wisdom made the world think better of India when Swami Ji made a powerful speech from the platform of Chicago. The ambitious youth of India are undoubtedly the products of Swami Ji’s teachings.

The above observations annihilate the doubts of the people who say that history is not important. History itself creates a new history by passing the best of the past to make the best future. The modern world has to understand that history is always an inspiration to the millennials. The governments should continue to inspire the youth by treating history and sciences equally.

-Aryasri Vaibhavi Karnam (One of the Prize Winners of Article Writing Competition in the 13-24 Years Age Group)

Picture Credits: Ms. Thornwood History

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