Is Technology Killing Creativity?

Are new inventions boon or bane? Isn’t it a result of creative minds coming together? Is advancement making our lives more dependent and less creative? Are we getting lazy when it comes to challenging ourselves? Questions are many but answers can never be either positive or negative. Advancement in technology is a continuous attempt by the experts who based on their scientific knowledge and practical understanding are working towards making it in accordance with the likes and utility of people. If we say that technology is making people less creative, then probably we understand this just from one perspective which is probably created based on certain assumptions by people. It has become vital to understand how a person defines creativity. The definitions differ because the life we are leading in this techno world is compared with the standard of life we used to live some decades ago.

Technology has made it easier to understand the phenomena of physics, anatomy and micro biology, keep us updated with everything around us and rather saves our time as we can check whether the place we want to have food tonight is closed or open. The advent and expansion of technology is saving the time of people and thus, allowing them to utilise their time on things which demand their brains and other gadgets provide assistance. It altogether opened a new field to people. We cannot have everything wherever we are residing and adding to it are certain restrictions that does not let many of us to go out to learn. This motivated people to shape their ideas and present it to the world which is seeking to discover something new and this manifestation of your skills can become a lesson for somebody and practice of many.

There are You Tube series which are relatable enough and make sense. Social media attempts to reach to many people not only in terms of making friends but rather provide an instant platform for people to propagate and share essential things. I often wonder whether I would have been able to learn yoga if not for these technological developments because I did not have enough time to learn it practically somewhere. Instructors, teachers, dietitians and entrepreneurs are trying to reach people without reaching their doorsteps. It has become easier to learn spiritual lessons from therapists and yogis worldwide. It is not making us less creative but rather giving us directions to use it the way it is supposed to be used.

There is another perspective to it which proves this that it is killing a desire to look for new ideas based on the surroundings which surround humans. People have become dependent whereby technology provides assistance and help to humans so that they can explore more. The youth population which constitutes a large proportion of our developing nation is the most affected by this. The more the young people, the more the work force. They are getting influenced by it to an extent that they prefer giving more time to the entertainment or social media rather than prioritising their interests over certain essential things. It is not that they do not know it’s bad effects but a part of this population has become addicted to it that it has become hard to stop.

According to the latest report by the United Nations, 50% of the younger generation is suffering from hearing impairments. The reason presented is the loud music. Their health is getting deteriorated as their daily schedules do not include any physical activity. Technology demands infrastructure thus decreasing the percentage of open spaces to people. They feel more relieved at home. A survey shows that 12,000 adults from Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan and the US found out that about 61% of the millennial population believes that technology is making humans less social. All these reasons are sufficient to provide an incentive to believe that our gadgets are restricting the scope of looking for alternatives because it has made us habitual of its existence. Though you can get more knowledge, it should be understood that knowledge and creativity cannot be used together.

Picture Courtesy- Off Grid

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