A Stoner’s Worldview is All That You Need

I don’t read newspapers anymore. I don’t take the news every day. I am clean now.

I have had a history of news abuse in my family. Ironically, I quit taking news while studying in a media college. You never know how murky and bad drugs are till you start peddling them, right? I even tried putting my parents into rehab, but relapse is always just a click way. I couldn’t control them all the time, you know; they had to quit because news was harming them, not because their son said so.

My love for news came from my father, who was a habitual abuser of print. He did it day in and day out. I started getting fascinated by this whole idea of sitting on the pot and doping yourself with scribbles that newspapers intentionally print so as for you to form opinions about things, which rarely address the real issue.

It was in the middle of my second academic year when an epiphany hit me right in the face: media, writers, journalists, bloggers, content creators think they’re serving the society, but all they’re made to do by the larger system is create perceptions about things that more often than not, do not even exist. Sounds familiar, right?

Media doesn’t tell you what to think, but it does tell you what to think about. Due to news abuse, my father still holds a belief against muslims, and my muslim friend’s father holds it against hindus. Neither of them know that this is all happening to them under the influence of the first read of the day.

I think in a time where religion, philosophy, education, governance and politics is failing miserably in toning down the extremism and anti-plural essence that we all have seemed to be chugging every morning, going back to the basics could be a great call to take.

What do I mean by going back to the basics? Live and let live. Work hard. Eat drink and make merry. To each his own. These proverbs have come to be mere cliches in books of literature, but the only way up from where we as a race are is to simply make sure that our job is done with honesty. We just need to look at ourselves and neither care nor try to poke our noses into others’ lives. The impediment we face right now is one sect wanting to rule the other and in turn forgetting to do the job that they were originally supposed to do with honesty.

Live and let live is a concept preached right from Ramayana, Ram Rajya, upto John Lennon saying the same things in his anthem of world peace, Imagine. Constitution calls it secularism and social welfare; philosophy calls it karma.

No debate, discussion, preaching, or politics, can solve the hate-boom which we are heading towards. Mud slinging, waging new wars on past wars, making the cow our mother and constructing a temple will prove nothing, and will only increase complications that shall develop more and more cracks on this beautiful planet.

A stoner’s world view of love, peace, and happiness is what we need. Whatever floats your boat should be your chosen sea. In a history of a few million years, we have unfortunately forgotten the basics: harm nobody else, and stay true to your work.

In the present state of ignorance, we are harming people for not doing their job and ironically this has become the job itself. Now, at every debate, I sit and smile. I have no opinions, I have no questions. I  just have a dream: a dream of a world where we do our work with utmost love and honesty and not harm anybody emotionally, culturally, and physically.

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one…”

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