Self-assumed Intellectuals’ Bid to Denigrate Hindutva?

While the seminar on “Dismantling Global Hindutva” has been scheduled for being held virtually on September 10, 11 and 12, the masked organizers stay behind the scene, and the speakers and panelists, ill-exposed to the concept of Hindutva, have been unduly active. The conceptualists of the seminar claim the support of 45 top universities of the US and their 60 academic departments. Of course now some of the universities confirm they are not associated with the seminar.

The agenda of the seminar organizers is very clear – “wipe out” Hindutva globally as the very title of the conference depicts in no less a soft word than “dismantling.” The organizers by naming the prestigious universities and their departments, and claiming the speakers as so-called intellectuals and researchers set their goal for the conference to “dismantle globally” rather than attempt to call for a healthy debate and discussion on the universally misunderstood or misinterpreted term, “Hindutva.”

The seminar, by trying to involve universities, academia and researchers, is aimed at authenticating and seeking an approval for their anti-Hindu sentiment and creating a division among people, particularly students in the US. It is an attempt to spread Hindu phobia. There is already a growing trend in and out of some educational institutions bullying and racist attacks on American Hindus and the Indian immigrant youth.

What is Hindutva? Is the meaning of Hindutva, anything different from understanding the Hindu ethos? Is there any real uprising of practitioners of the Hindutva? Is there any real threat to any country or section of the people because of the Hindutva or the Hindus? Is there any evidence to this effect for the organizers of the “Dismantling Hindutva Globally”? Why do the organizers push forward a false narrative? Why do these self-styled intellectuals, most of them of Indian origin, launch a crusade against the Hindus and Hinduism? Why do the organizers stand to remain in shadow? And who are the financiers?

Answers to all these questions are that the organizers of the conference want to sow the seeds of abhorrence and project the most tolerant Hinduism as a dangerous outfit against non-Hindus, and thus attempt to defame and dislodge it. Are they trying to seek sanctions against the progressive India ruled by a democratically elected government?

Will these organizers dare to hold such a global conference against other religions like the Islam or Christianity? Extremism, direct or silent, does exist among these groups.

Hinduism and Bharat (i.e. India) are synonyms. And Hinduism, which is not a religion but a way of life, is the most tolerant human outfit. And the Hinduism has remained intact because of its time-tested principles and human values. It has survived for over the past 24,000 years and it is going strong. Indian culture and civilization have been very ancient and steeped in spirituality. India has been the land of seekers since antiquity; they had survived even after India had been invaded by Islamists, British, French, Portuguese and others.

As someone said that the modern concept of nationalism is geo-political and territorial, but for India the concept of nationalism is geo-cultural. India shelters people of all cultures, yet its own culture is so strong that it continues to live forever.

India on its own initiative had never invaded any country, but it was invaded by others, who exploited its riches and plundered its temples, and converted by the sword or slander or bribery. India always welcomed different nationalities and people of various religious groups, including Jews, Islamists, Christians, Zoroastrians and others. India has never indulged in religious conversions as it believes firmly in liberalism and freedom of thought germane to humanity across the globe.

India has many firsts in all fields of human evolution. The ancient Indians have been the first to contribute even in several modern scientifically proven innovations in the fields of astronomy, mathematics, architecture, metallurgy, aviation, human physiology, medicine, surgery, agriculture and many more.

In the modern world, Hindus can be seen in almost all countries. Though they are in minority, they occupy the most important positions and excel in their chosen fields. Wherever they work, they do respect the local people and their customs and traditions. They live in great harmony and maintain cordial relations. It is popularly said that an Indian can be separated from India, but Indianism or Bharatiya spirit can never be separated from a true Indian. That is the real Hindutva but not the narrow ideology as the current seminar organizers try to attribute to or project.

Thus, Hindu ethos and values go wherever an Indian goes. Therefore, if someone tries to color the Hindutva and the Hinduism in a negative shade, it is a futile exercise.

Indians and progressive India are an envy to those jealous, biased, ill-informed pseudo-intellectuals. But the progress and prosperity of India marches ahead unshaken by the actions of vested interests and conspirators whose agenda is to divide or dismantle India, which will forever be a daydream.

– Contributed by Mr. J.V. Laskshmana Rao, a former National News Coordinator of Express News Service, New Delhi, and former Chief Editor of US-based India Tribune. He frequently travels between India and the US.

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