The Role of AI in Human Resource Development

Imagine yourself walking into a room with shivering hands carrying a folder and a forehead that is slowly starting to sweat. You walk through those glass doors with beeping noises in the background directing you where to go and finally, you settle yourself in a chair and stare into a blank screen of a chatbot. It beeps to life once and says, “Welcome. Your recruitment process for the job role of a research analyst shall begin shortly.” This could be your future.

Artificial intelligence has slowly seeped into various aspects of our life through virtual digital assistants such as Alexa and through self – driving cars. AI is making its impact in all kinds of sectors and unsurprisingly, it is revolutionizing the recruitment process as well. Companies lose out on millions of dollars while trying to attract the right kind of talent and they lose even more after acquiring the wrong talent. This is where AI comes in to make this process much easier, faster and more efficient for companies.

There are several AI programs and apps designed to source suitable talents in a much faster way. These help in reducing the time involved for companies to search for talent as well as cutting the costs in the long run. There is, however, the initial cost of incorporating AI into organizations, but this will considerably reduce other costs in the long run. By using algorithms, such apps can efficiently source for talent in the internet and also maintain a database of such candidates for future references.

Databases on current hires, reviews and experiences by other employees can help such apps to narrow their searches and pick efficient candidates more quickly. These databases also help to keep a track of available candidates. How often have we not received a call back from a company for a role that we thought we were the most suited for? It need not always be the case that companies are not hiring in that period or that your resume was just not good enough, problems such as misplaced information on candidates also hinder the recruitment processes. With the help of AI, such lags can be easily avoided, and the processes can be made a lot smoother.

Interviews can be conducted with the help of chatbots which will simulate human like conversations. This experience for a candidate will be more of an exciting one rather than a nerve wracking one. Often, human interviewers are subjected to tiredness after a long day of work and hence, might miss out on good talent. Such hitches can be avoided with the help of AI. One of the major problems often discussed with relation to interviews being conducted by chatbots is that of a loss of humaneness. However, the loss of humaneness is a minor issue which very few candidates might face as most of them will find it easier and less intimidating to converse with a chatbot during this process. The slight nervousness on how to converse with a chatbot will usually be overshadowed by the exciting and interesting experience a candidate will have with a chatbot. Chatbots and other similar AI recruiting apps are often quicker than humans in analysing and evaluating individuals in an organized way and hence, companies can benefit good results from speedy recruiting processes.

While AI makes processes easier for the companies, what should candidates do to be easily recognized by such apps and programs that look out for talents? We live in a highly digitized world and most of us are constantly on our phones, so this would not be a difficult task to do. All we need to do is to maintain a good online presence in relevant platforms for these apps to source us out. But then again, this is still in its early stages and for emerging countries like India, it will probably take another decade or more for AI to fully incorporate itself into such processes.

While there is always the notion of more jobs being lost to robots and so on, AI will definitely simplify a lot of tedious processes in the human resources sector. In order to avoid the negative effects of incorporating AI into such processes, governments shall have to focus on coming up with policies to tackle these problems. Job creation or employment generation should be one of the main focuses in utilizing the talents effectively to maximize productivity.

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