Riding the Korean Wave: K-Pop and K-Drama

Ibeonen eoneu nara ga bihenggi myeot singanuel ta
Yeah I’m on the mountain, yeah I’m on the bay
Mudaeeseo taljin MIC Drop baam

Sounds alien? But that’s not the case for a large section of youth these days. Many people are die heart fans of k-pop. The access to abundant entertainment material from Korea has created a robust community of avid K-drama and K- pop fans in India.Indians have always been attracted to foreign cultures, especially from the west. However, with the Korean wave, a new era has begun and is firmly griping the youth of our country.

Music and dramas form an integral part of the daily life of Indians. We can see this evidently from the strong footing that the Indian and regional television shows have. They have their own fan base of avid and religiously loyal viewers. American and British television shows also share considerable popularity. Indians have always have had a liking for western shows, primarily because language barrier was never a problem. Shows like Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, and Game of Thrones, have gripped the attention of Indian minds over the years. The times have changed and now you can see youth casually pepper their conversations with Korean phrases, as smoothly as they used to quote Chandler.

On Indian shores, such an enthusiastic reception for a foreign television dram was unheard of. Language barrier was a major reason for the natural repulsion from Asian entertainment content. However, the adorable Korean artistes created a place for themselves in the hearts on Indian viewers, with their impressive performance in the dramas like ‘Boys over flowers’ , ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘ The Heirs’.

A major reason for the success is the relatable content and context of the dramas, which is quite opposed to the Indian daily soap operas. Youth connect better with genres that discuss friendship, love and heartbreaks etc., however many Indian television shows have not been able to rise above the basic and cliché saas- bahu melodramatic serials.

It is said that music is a universal language. The way k-pop has created its place in the world, despite of the fact that many do not know their language, proves that music has the power to connect people. Our connection with k-pop is born out of randomness and love for music. The fandom consists primarily of teenagers and this fan base of passionate and persistent fans, is growing expeditiously.

BTS, EXO, EXID are few of the major boy bands from Korea, that have mapped the way to success across the globe. By continuously smashing the billboards’ top list, BTS has made history and gained tremendous appreciation. They have won laurels for their home country by making it so popular.

The k-pop artistes truly are one of a kind. They don’t just look good, they look spectacular. The chic artistes dressed in the most fashionable outfits, trendsetting hairstyles successfully set the stage on fire with their iconic moves . Visually appealing genre, in terms of choreography and presentation, works wonders for them. The music is so electrifying and catchy that it instantly teleports one from the bustling markets of Bombay to the streets of Seoul. This indeed is a marvel of the modern connected world. We are divided by boundaries, but connected by art.

The sad reality which is highlighted here is that despite having a pool of tremendously talented youth, we lack severely in terms of creativity. It will definitely take a lot of time and efforts for us to rise to the level of world media, on a large scale. The fact that the youth of our country is getting increasingly swayed by content from foreign countries, shows the lack of relevance of the Indian dramas. The intention here is not undermining several fantastic Indian shows, but rather to bring into notice the numerous serials with nonsensical story lines and unbelievable plots, being produced even in today’s time. The protagonist being cursed to become a bee, after all does not seem like a relatable context. What Indian television needs is a new spark of creativity, which produces relevant content. Till then, only time will show whether the K wave creates more lasting ripples or finally ebbs away.

Picture Credits : digitalmusicnews.com

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