Reservation In India


The debate on reservations in India is not quite recent. It has for long divided people into two groups ? One believes that reservation exist for the good of a people, and the other says that reservations deny fair opportunity.

The caste system in India has always divided people on the basis of their occupation; It wouldn?t be wrong to say that the division has very much prevailed. Our government provides reservation to socially and educationally backward people. They go deep into explaining how reservations will be provided and justify why they are necessary for our country. The question that remains unanswered is that what determines whether a person is backward or not. Well, apparently it is the surname. But most would say those castes that have been ?treated unjustly in the past.? They would argue that discrimination that took place ages ago makes people of this caste eligible for reservations. However, generations after generations have enjoyed the privilege of reservations. Reservations were originally meant to improve the standards of the people belonging to a certain caste by enabling their representation for a stipulated period of time. So, why exactly do they still prevail? If the purpose has been achieved, why do reservations still exist? If a family?s subsequent generations have been empowered, there should be no need of reservations for them. This is how the problem aggravated. People in newly privileged positions, instead of becoming independent, become dependent because no matter what, they will always be given preference over their competitors belonging to the general category; they begin relying on reservations, and stop working hard to achieve their goals. And why will they, when the fruits are being delivered at their doorstep?

?Reservation is a form of quota based on affirmative action.? However, they might not be as affirmative for the general category. Our Constitution gives us the right to freedom and most importantly, to exercise this freedom in an equitable manner. Dedicated students burn the midnight oil to get into their dream colleges. We need to realize the worth of these gems of our country. Their contribution matters the most. Let?s not snatch away their opportunities by awarding reservations on the basis of surnames alone.

In the end, I?d like to say that reservations are not completely faulty. Rather, they are obsolete. The purpose for which reservations were introduced has been achieved in certain spheres and needs to be put an end to. Political parties need to take a stand and not use reservations as a key tool to secure votes. We need to bring about revolutionary changes in our education system. This will include providing scholarships, education loans, financial incentives and infrastructural aid. If the government pays special attention to economically weaker and backward sections, they will never seek reservations. Let?s educate the youth and not let reservations hinder growth, development and competency of our country.

-Contributed by Hrishita Sharam, School- The Air Force School

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