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Human beings have been obsessed with video games for a while. Player Unknown Battle Game (PUBG) is presently the most talked and played video game. I personally see people play the game during college lunch hours or at least talk about playing it. So what happens in the game is that players are loaded into a cargo plane and can choose when to jump off. Once the player touches down, they have to scourge for weapons, armor and ammuntion and then try to be the last one standing. There have been similar popular games like Call of Duty, but none of them were able to capture attention at such fast pace.

If the game on the surface level seems quite similar to other FPS (first person shooter) games, why is this particular game so popular? Firstly, the game is completely random. Players do not have any idea where they will land and what sort of ammunition and protective gear they will find. Consequently every time they play this game, there is something new that’s happening and this cuts down on monotony. The game can last for a few seconds (if you land next to someone who has a machine gun while all you have is a frying pan) or it can last for more than half an hour (for the last handful of survivors). It is also quite challenging to win the game. The only way to win is to be the last player standing. The number of people that have to be fought or killed can be around hundred. The game also has a strange way of enticing people to play the game in that the winner gets a good chicken dinner.

Furthermore the game is quite hilarious, in the sense that there is a huge area to explore in order to find gear, and there is bound to be something funny that occurs every time a person plays the game. For instance, the player might run himself over or come across another player who is just a sitting duck as perhaps the operator may have been pulled away. Also, when the player is parachuting down it can be quite laughable. All these aspects have contributed to the popularity of the game

In this day and age, video games are considered a great source of entertainment and many people play video games for long stretches of time. It is therefore important to understand the effects of playing video games. One thing that could happen out of playing video games is that it can be a great stress reliever. People can vent out their frustrations of life by playing the game. Video games can also improve problem solving skills as many games are quite complex and require the player to come up with various strategies in order to survive or win the game. Take PUBG for instance, people need to constantly think and plan in order to win the game. Online multiplayer video games can also improve communication. Individuals have to collaborate and cooperate with others in order to win the game or achieve certain targets. In multiplayer games, people all over the world can play together and unless there is clear communication it would not be possible for players to advance successfully in the game. Consequently, video games can help people meet other people and build friendships because of the multiplayer aspect and people communicating and working together. These are some of the positives of gaming and why people should indulge in some kind of gaming.

While playing video games can have beneficial impacts on life, they can also be detrimental. One of the first things that can happen is video game addiction. People developing a liking for a video game can go hours playing the game and not realize the passing of time. This addiction is very common with PUBG players, because of the randomness and the sheer fun of the game. Another thing can happen is that it could lead to obesity. People who are addicted to the game are less likely to move away from the video screen, thus limiting their intake of physical activity. Being overweight can increase the risk of developing other ailments such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes etc. Playing PUBG also for long hours can disrupt the sleep cycle of the person leading to insomnia which also brings with it a horde of other health problems like lower immunity system functioning, drowsiness etc. It is also possible that people become less sensitive to violence as many video games have a lot of gore and bloodshed. This may increase aggressive behaviors in the individual consequently.

To conclude, PUBG is an amazingly fun game that has taken the world by storm. Its unique features separate this game from other FPS games. Playing PUBG can be beneficial in the sense that it develops problem solving skills, improve communication and be a great stress buster. However, playing too much of the game can be detrimental to health leading to addiction, obesity, insomnia and aggressive behaviors. It is important to therefore have a balance. People should play PUBG and have fun but not so much that it takes over your life.

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