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Premium Users must pay an annual fee of INR One-Thousand Nine-Hundred Ninety-Nine (Rs.1999/-) at the time of registration.  Please look at the product description to understand the benefits of being a Premium User.



Premium Users may submit any number of opinion articles (minimum 1500 words each) for publication on our website.  After a quick review by our editors on the quality and structure of the submissions, we will publish them.  The Premium User will be rewarded with INR Five-Hundred (Rs.500/-) for each published opinion article.  

In addition, Premium Users will have the following benefits as compared to the Basic Users:

1) Clarifications requested by Premium Users on any published content will be responded within forty-eight (48) hours.

2) Based on the quality of opinion articles submitted, Premium Users will be invited to either panel discussions or any expert interviews twice per year.

3) Premium Users may request creation of two new opinion articles per year by providing a title or/and a short description.  Our staff will put our best efforts to draft and publish such articles within two (2) weeks of receiving those requests.  

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