Open Secrets to Fight the Corona Crisis

The indomitable human race has been shook by unexpected tremors from era to era. Indeed, it’s time; the humans sit up and ponder over their sins. COVID-19, the ghastly coronavirus pandemic is one such shock wave that has hit us hard. An unexpected experience that has left the strongest of nations on earth wondering, “How to bring back normalcy …What’s Next?!!”

Health and hygiene, among other things, should be the highest priority in life. However, it is neglected by the current generation. Even if people have awareness about it, they aren’t able to execute due to fast-paced lifestyle. Keeping fit, healthy and strong is the only way to fight the coronavirus as we need a defense mechanism for our bodies. Indians are the pioneers in holistic living, healthy lifestyles, and mental well being, and ancient remedies have proved this point. Let us look at some important Indian practices that will help us to build up our immunity. These are easy to follow and proven home remedies and don’t cost us anything for the most part.


Inclusion of fresh Indian vegetables like lemon (Vitamin C), carrot (Beta carotene), drumstick (Iron & zinc), dairy products (calcium & protein), legumes and pulses, etc. are some of the things we must have on a daily basis. These diet patterns are scientifically proven to be nutritious. Sticking to these original Indian diets and avoiding fast food will build our immunity. Immunity.

Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation

Practising yoga and meditation is of utmost importance for a good mental well-being. In addition, Pranayam builds up effective breathing, which is necessary to combat any disease. It is important to note that good health is about both mind and body.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Our forefathers have taught us that we are all one. We believe in Unity in Diversity. Thus, society has the most crucial part to play during these difficult times. It’s really amusing to see so many people contributing towards creating awareness and supporting each other, everywhere in India! The present situation surely reminds us of the morals we learnt in our childhood. Can anyone forget, “Unity is Strength”? The current situation demands unity. The humans have the power to accomplish anything if we all work together; if we want to perish the coronavirus or build a vaccine, it will happen.

Embracing New Technologies

During this lockdown period, we’ve all realized how easy it is to collaborate across different cities and countries with the click of a button. Education, business, industrial and all other sectors are rapidly coping up with new technological advancements. Thus, the Covid-19 pandemic made us embrace new technologies to bring more efficiencies at work, which we may not have thought about before. There is always a silver lining to the cloud.

Listen to Nature

Our life is nothing but just some episodes, each one having its own way to enlighten us. The coronavirus is also an episode currently streaming in our lives. We all need to understand that everything happens with a purpose and the purpose behind this outbreak must be a lesson for all of us. So, let us remain calm for a moment and question ourselves – what does nature wants to convey?

Karma is Consciousness

“Whatever has happened has happened for our good, Whatever is happening is happening for good and whatever will happen shall also be good. Man is never responsible for creating or destroying something. He is only responsible for his karma”, said Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgita. These two phrases are a ray of hope amidst the uncertain situation.


It’s high time we ought to realize that our wild rush (also called as rat race) is nowhere bringing peace to us. We’ve become negligent, careless and self-centered. We have become so busy with the routine life that we haven’t had time to introspect. However, with the lockdown in effect, we had time to think about global warming, climate change, animal conservation and healthy food, which we have neglected for quite some time.

Let’s step out of this mad race and introspect! It is a wake-up call. Let’s be united and combat the coronavirus together!

I wish for the speedy recovery for those infected and for others to stay healthy. Stay home, stay safe!

-Sakshi Patil (One of the prize winners of Covid-19 Article Writing Competition in 13-17 years age group)

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