Gandhi & Lincoln

In light of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, IndianFolk has recently released trial (initial) copies of the book, ‘Gandhi & Lincoln’, authored by the founder of, Chandrashekar Katipelli. The book walks us through Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln on several aspects of their life including their ideologies on nationhood, liberty, economy and women.

While the book will be made available in retail stores soon, it can now be ordered online only at  We are currently taking orders at discounted pricing to plan effectively on the copies to printed and shipped:

– Customers in India may place the order at

– Customers in US and other countries may place the order at

Should you have questions, you may send us an email at [email protected] or call us +91 7330887731 / +91 7330887732.

Lucky Draw Events on the Book Sales

During the month of February 2020, we will conduct lucky draw events every week for the book buyers starting with the week of February 3rd. Each week’s lucky draw event will be for the book orders received during the week starting Monday 12 AM and ending Sunday 11:59 PM. The lucky draw will be based on the online order ID numbers received by the buyers, and it will be conducted at the company’s office the following Monday at 9 AM. Thus, for the week of February 3rd, the lucky draw will be for orders received during February 3 – 9, and it will be conducted Monday February 10th at 9 AM. The winners will receive a prize of Rs.5000/- each and they will be communicated via email and phone about their prize money.

Note: Each online order ID number will be deemed as one ticket for the lucky draw.  A buyer may place multiple orders for the book, should he/she wish, to increase their chances of winning.  The number of winners per week depends upon the number of orders received during that week, but it will vary between two and five winners every week.

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