Negative Role of the Opposition

The role of the opposition in India has drastically changed lately. We have noticed the opposition become more and more negative, in the recent times. What is the opposition? Opposition is a group of political representatives that sit in opposition of the government, it can be a group of single party members or multiple party members. Currently, India has Congress as the major opposition leader, which along with many others like the Samajwadi party or the Bahujan Samajwadi Party etc comprises of the entire opposition. The opposition has major roles not only in the parliament but also in the country. We can understand the opposition’s role as a ‘watch keeper’ one who keeps an account of all government activities, policies and all the steps in general. The opposition not only criticizes but also scrutinises the government and this is one of the best things about about a democratic nation wherein the government is always kept under control. The opposition had always kept a close look at what the government is doing, but this has changed since the BJP government was elected in 2014.

India, since 2014, has witnessed negative criticism of by the opposition members, on many fronts for the government. The first time such criticism was seen was when the initiative of the ‘SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN’ was initiated by the Prime Minister on 2nd October, 2014. Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. This initiative, as its very name denotes, is very positive in its approach. When people share the feeling that their surrounding has to be kept clean and that sanitation is important not just at their homes but everywhere, it will be one the most positive approaches of an individual towards his country. But this was highly criticised by the opposition and they refused to participate in any of the clean up drives. Had they for once, disregarded that this was initiated by the government and only kept in them that this was one of the major dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, they could have contributed in the achievement of the dream. Criticism for such things not only makes the entire society gloomy but also creates hurdles in the initiation of such tasks.

The second pessimistic statement by the opposition was passed by Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of AAP. It was when the Indian Army had performed the surgical strike in Pakistan by very fighting bravely and coming back without a scratch. This was undoubtedly a remarkable action by our army and instead of applauding and praising their bravery, Mister Arvind Kejriwal raised questions on the very authenticity of the Surgical Strike being performed in Pakistan. When he raised questions on this operation, Kejriwal did not demotivate the government, but the army and the soldiers who put their lives on stake. In the attempt to bring down or to criticize the government, Kejriwal passed such statements, but while he did so, he forgot that it was the army men who were being questioned through his statement. This is what has been happening. The opposition, in its attempts to criticize the government, has gone to an extent that they do not realise how they are affecting the society and the people.

One of the negative aspects of the opposition is the constant targeting of the Prime Minister. The opposition keeps criticizing its own Prime Minister, at national as well as international forums. They not only criticse the PM, but also praise the enemy countries. While these opposition members go out for any sort of international meetings, counsels and conferences, they openly criticise their PM in front of the world. They do not realise that doing this can be the adverse for the political stand of such parties and the country. When we go outside we represent the country we come from, and when the political representatives of the opposition party go on and criticize the Prime Minister, it is very negative. The funny part is that while doing this, they actually make a mockery of themselves. Such sort of behaviour is not what we would want any of our political representatives to have.

The opposition is very important and therefore instead of such negative, meaningless and disturbing criticisms, the opposition should try to provide constructive criticism. This will not only keep the Government in check, but also not create unnecessary drama.

Picture Credits : newsd.in

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