The Myth of a ‘Modern’ Woman, and Why I am One

When we think of a ‘modern woman’, the stereotypical image that often fills our minds is probably that of an outspoken female who is open to the idea of wearing short clothes, staying out late, or maybe someone in a nine-to-five job who still manages a household and fights for her rights. While these ideals might not be wrong, they are far from accurate when it comes to describing a typical modem woman. This is not only because she is so much more than what a few words can encompass, but also because every woman is different in her own unique way– each has her own spark. But there are still some things that make modern females stand out from their orthodox counterparts.

The women of today do not succumb to societal pressures or keep their voices mum—they are proud of their opinions are unafraid of voicing them in front of the patriarchal society. To them, giving due care and attention to the substance of their words and the weight and meaning that each of them carries matters more than their tone or etiquette.

Unlike most of the meek assenters of the past, women today have the courage to follow their heart and passion, even if it involves a huge amount of risk. At the same time, they also have the wisdom to listen to the voice of their mind when the situation demands, and take a pragmatic approach.

They value their relationships, and often sacrifice everything they have for the people they love. However, they know when to put themselves first, and let society adjust to their decisions.

These third-wave feminist know when to command leadership, and when to follow others. Though they are ambitious, they do not step over others to achieve their dreams, even if it means having to build themselves up from the bottom again. Because of their perseverance, they have the potential to bring change, to motivate and inspire people with their seemingly unending reserves of energy, and to deliver what start out as movements unto their end as waves of change sweeping across countries.

The modern woman is all this and a lot more. Though they look like everyone else and can be seen wearing a saree, a skirt, a pair of shorts or a burqa, what defines them, however, is their open mind which accepts change, not just within oneself but also within others and accepts people for who they are. While they make their own decisions, they do not undermine the decisions made or the choices taken by others.

More than anything, the modern women are comfortable in their own skin and cherish their individuality, which shows in the new ideas and ways of thinking they constantly introduce to society. They do not try to copy people, or become an extension of someone else’s personality. They are able to truly live their lives, make their own decisions, and love themselves for it. They are their own selves– proudly, unabashedly, gladly.

Contributed by Kuhikaa

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