Make the Law Stricter !

Very often, the word “crime” is associated to criminals at court who stand with their hands crossed eager to hear the verdict the judge would declare. A crime is a lawfully punishable act. The law has different punishments for different crimes, such as imposition of a fine, confiscation of property, simple imprisonment, rigorous imprisonment, life imprisonment and death penalty. These penalty sentences are declared based on many factors. It is the law that states specific punishments for most of today’s crimes; whether or not the convict is a habitual offender also determines the intensity of the penalty. Lastly, the intentions of the accused and the crime’s effects on others also influence the punishment.

A crime committed is a crime committed. There is no turning back. Whether it is robbery, drug trafficking, cybercrimes, kidnapping, murder or rape, no matter whether the action is big or small, punishment is to be imposed. Why do actions have consequences? Why do crimes have penalties? Firstly, we learn from our mistakes only when they have serious impacts on our lives. Secondly, when we see others being punished for their acts, we tend to be more careful to not follow their footsteps in fear of the consequences. Moreover, criminals are arrested and put in prison for a lifetime so that the society can feel secure and safe. Yet, even with all these laws in practice, punishing the deserving in right measure, ensuring safety for the citizens and scaring away criminals, the crime rates in India are only constantly augmenting. Why?

The number of laws we have do not matter if the punishment is not enforced on all criminals. With corruption increasing throughout the country, the government officials are getting bribes and are letting the criminals go away unpunished. With the involvement of politicians, some of the crimes are even hidden from society which gives hope to the criminal, that he can always find a way out without getting punished for his mistakes. There is no fear of the consequences of their actions, among such people.

A girl was murdered in Chennai at a crowded railway station because she rejected a man’s proposal. Another girl was murdered in her office because she raised her voice against a security guard who was ogling at her. And the recent news stated that the husband of a 5 month pregnant woman was murdered by the father-in-law in broad daylight because the daughter married a lower caste guy against his will. If rejecting a proposal is going to put us in danger and marrying someone we love who is of lower caste is going to getting us killed, should we always stay at home without communicating with the outside world as we may not be aware of what awaits us. Where has humanity gone? Have we reached a point where there is no fear in taking innocent lives? Has life lost all its value?

In a society that tries to eradicate casteism, people are heartlessly murdering fellow brothers just to maintain their status in the society. This trend of crimes increasing, continues government after government be it Vijay Malaya of the past or Nirav Modi of the current government, be it the Bofors scams of yesteryear or the Rafale Deals of today. A poor farmer who is unable to repay his loans because of inclement weather conditions is forced to commit suicide whereas a proclaimed serial offender like Vijay Mallya is able to use the loopholes in our system, run scot free and indulge in a life of luxury from the blood and sweat of the taxpayers’ money. Where is the sense of justice in our society?

There is a huge state of distortion in the judicial practices of our country. And they seem to be heavily stacked up against the poor and downtrodden. It required a marina to stop a government organised ban on the Indian cattle. It required candle light vigils and marches for cities to acknowledge rapes. I’m sure these crimes would not have happened if there is a strict law and order system maintained in our country. There should be fear of the law instantiated in the minds of the people that will make them think over and over before committing such audacious crimes. Dark are these times, but at some point these times will pass. Till then, we can trust and hope for such times to come an end.

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