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Many of my friends are quite obsessed with the anime industry. I could not understand the reason because, I was of the understanding that anime was animation and animation is meant for children. So, I decided to check it out myself to see what is so interesting about anime that even adults obsess over it. After watching a few anime shows like Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal, I was able to see the reason why anime appeals to many.  Anime is fun, dramatic, and intense and caters to all ages. But there are a lot of misconceptions related to anime. So, let us begin by understanding what anime is. According to the Japanese culture, anime means any animated cartoon regardless of its origin. 

To the non-Japanese viewer though, anime means animation made in Japan or any animation that represents the Japanese culture and has typical characteristics of Japanese animation like vibrant colors and dramatic expressions. Contrary to the mainstream belief that animation is meant for children, anime caters to a wide audience including adults. In fact, in Japan, anime is a culturally acceptable and a basic form of entertainment for people of all ages. Anime is used as a medium to show a wide range of themes and content. It caters to the taste and the preference of genre of each and every individual. The various genres include historical fiction, romance, anthology, horror, comedy, kids etc.  

Now, the diversity of themes explored in anime is not the only reason for people to love anime. This article will discern some of the other reasons for people’s obsession over anime. The first reason could be the colors and stunning visuals present in anime. Anime is filled with intricate details that are quite appealing to the eye. One such example is the fantasy adventure gaming anime ‘Sword Art Online’, which is filled with intricate details of the avatars, the battle scenes and the scenery, all of which makes it a visual treat. Another visually stunning anime is the 2001 Oscar winning anime feature film Spirited Away. This movie has breathtaking character designs and background artwork that looks realistic at times.  

The imaginative storytelling is another reason for people to watch anime. Anime is filled with crazy concepts that allow people to break away from reality and step into an alternative universe. Take for instance, Naruto Shippuden which is about a young ninja who uses the energy of a nine tailed fox demon living inside of him to save and help his friends and eventually become the strongest ninja of his village. Anime uses anything from sceneries to gory and bloody scenes to fuel a story which is one reason why anime is not meant solely for kids. Furthermore, anime has a lot of adult themes like death and morality which are not child friendly. For instance, the Grave of the fireflies is about two children who lose their parents during the World War 2 and are left to fend for themselves 

Another example is Berserk which is based on the character Guts, a lone mercenary and Griffith, who is the leader of a mercenary band called “Band of The Hawk”. This anime questions human nature and explores the best and worst of it. Thus, anime also explores meaningful concepts and makes people question their fundamentals. One final reason as to why anime is completely enjoyed is because of its music. Anime incorporates a lot of music in its scenes as a way to elicit strong emotional reactions from its viewers. The right music can increase the intensity of a battle scene or make a death scene seem much more sad. Some anime with brilliant soundtrack include Ghost in the Shell, Attack on the Titan, Cowboy Bepop, and Samurai Champloo 

Anime has very catchy sound tracks that make people want to listen to the music of the anime over and over again. All these things actually make anime quite appealing to audience of all ages. In fact, the west could learn from anime and make cartoons that cater to adults also. Sure there are a few adult cartoons like Family Guy and Archer but they are still very limited in number compared to Japanese Anime. To conclude, Anime is quality content with beautiful colors and a great score which makes it so lovable. 

Picture Credits : sbs.com.au

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