Live Discussions

During mid-2018, we had initiated live discussions on our opinion articles. These live discussions have created a huge repository of knowledge pertaining to both national and international events, across different categories such as politics, economy, society, health, science & technology, etc. While there is an excess user generated content on Internet and social media, we try to do it in a different way by the way of meaningful discussions and debates, and by taking feedback and opinion from the public.

Currently, our live discussions involve mostly recent graduates and young professionals from different cities in India. This ensures we bring fresh perspective from different Indian cities, thus becoming a one-stop destination for the video-based discussions. These live discussions have become a valuable source of knowledge not only for the college goers and young professionals, but also for other population groups such as experienced professionals, retired personnel, and high-school students who could use the content of the discussions for their own advancement.

As of now, we are conducting live discussions on our Facebook page, where we have millions of followers. Please visit our Facebook page to view all recorded live discussions and the upcoming live sessions:

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