Life’s Not Easy, But it is Worth it!

When a child is born, she learns to speak, crawl, walk and in a couple of years, she’s off to school. She grows up learning to share and interact with fellow classmates, learning the alphabets and numbers, learning how to sing and play. Later, she learns to read and write and begins lessons on subjects like science and mathematics. With geography and algebra in high school, also comes her first set of best friends to teach her the value of friendship. She develops her skills in every field – arts, sports, academics and music.

Soon, she faces the final board exams with immense pressure from parents and society to perform well, which is mostly equated with being successful later in life. Through the long nights, she learns the power of sweat and tears. And her hard work finally pays off. She then gets to the crossroads of life, confused about which course to join which will eventually build her career. She then gets into a college with all hope that she had taken the right decision. She slogs day and night to keep her aggregate percentage above a decent number to get that ideal well-paying job, all the while, managing her love life and not disappointing her friends. Let’s admit it, it’s not easy to be 20! In the process, she loses friends, fails in a couple of tests, and finds herself caught in the misery of life, trying to find what she is chasing after, searching for meaning in her life. While suddenly she remembers her parents who’ve given up their entire lives for her well-being, she chooses to work all the more, harder and more efficiently to make her parents proud by earning a 6-digit salary. Is that all there is to life?

Let’s take a minute to look back at how we have traveled in this journey of life. We have all come across the same stages of life and we have reached a point where we’re just so busy chasing something that we are confined to focus only on our goals and the future joy that awaits us when we attain that goals, only to set ourselves a higher aim. For a man who doesn’t have legs, he wishes to walk. For one who walks, he wishes for a bike. For one who rides a bike, the goal is a car. For one who owns a car, the dream is to own the best in town and for the one who owns the best in town, to own a couple of them. We always tend to look forward, keep our goals high, set our minds on things far ahead that we lose the present. Life seems to be so tough in this competitive world that we get increasingly frustrated trying to be better and improve our standard of living. We look forward to tomorrow’s happiness and lose today’s joy. There is more to life than following dreams. There is more to life than being respected by the society. There is more to life than making our parents proud. There is more to life than struggling hard to lead a luxurious life.

There is beauty in life. In everything around us, there is love. There is peace within us. Live in the moment and you will see it. That one friend who nags you with silly questions, that’s love. That old man on the road who smiles at you walking by, that’s beautiful. That poor neighbor’s child carrying his books to school, that’s what hope looks like. Through the hustle, the chaos and the deadlines, there is something that keeps you going, your will, your confidence. In the depths of life, when you’ve given all you could and don’t have an ounce of energy left, yet you don’t give up, that’s what hope and peace feel like. Take time to see the little things in life because they matter.

Does that imply that chasing dreams is not important? Not at all. Dream big, aim high, keep your focus on the goal. However, don’t lose the present in the process. With all the races we have to run, it’s not easy to find beauty amidst our frustrations. But try it, it’s worth the struggle we go through. Take time to pause and look around at how beautifully God has kept everything in place and how life knits itself as you find meaning in yours.

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