Lessons from Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi has acted like a breath of fresh air in the midst of times replete with stereotypical populist films. The critically acclaimed film has been directed by Gauri Shinde and stars Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt as the lead actors.The film has been backed by powerhouse performances and deals with a refreshing story.

Alia Bhatt plays a modern, suave young woman named Kaira who, like any other person of her age, deals with stress from her job and her relationships. She has a great group of friends and does what she likes, being a cinematographer. Yet there are gaps in her life that she is not able to satisfy. Many instances from her past continue to haunt her and prevent her from living her life fully. She fears being left all to her own. In order to cope with this, she develops a feeling of detachment as she grows older and leaves other people before they can leave her. When her job and relationship with her boyfriend get entangled with one another, she feels hopelessly stuck and takes help from a therapist(Shah Rukh Khan).

During the sessions with her therapist, Kaira discovers a new side to herself and learns to see life through a new perception about her life and how to better understand her emotions. In the course of the preceding sessions, there are many wonderful philosophies that are brought to light.

?Don’t let your past blackmail your present into ruining a beautiful future.?

This quote teaches one to accept our past and its mistakes and to learn from it to the maximum capacity. It inspires one to not let the past come and derail them from the path that they intend to take in the future; To not let it deter one from believing in oneself and the things one can accomplish

?If you can’t cry wholeheartedly,then how will you laugh wholeheartedly.?

It’s very important to be able to cry when you want to and let it all out. The ability to express joy would inevitably follow the ability to express the much nuanced emotion of pain.

?Genius is not someone who has all the answers but who has the patience for all the answers.?

Patience is the key; the journey is more important than the destination. It is important to listen, especially when it challenges one?s own beliefs.

?We consider so many different types of chairs before buying one so what’s the problem in looking out at options while choosing a life partner.?

Everything takes time. One should make decisions after due consideration lest they are to regret their choices. We should analyse and choose from our options to arrive at what’s right for us.

?We share different relationships with different people.Enjoy the uniqueness in each of them and don’t expect to share all of it with only one person.?

There are friends ? some might be ?let’s-catch-coffee friends?, some are ones with whom one could have intellectual discussions, and then there are some with whom one simply wants to have fun.

Each relationship is different and it’s important to celebrate its oneness.

?Sometimes you have to look at your parents as normal persons who are capable of committing mistakes and hence try to forgive.?

In totality ,the movie tells us to live life and love it, however bad it may seem; To accept your past, your flaws and to start being and loving yourself so that you don’t need anyone else’s validation; To forgive and forget and move on; And last but not the least, your life is a puzzle. Certain people can help you find the pieces but you’ll have to complete the game.

Life is not always easy but it’s worth it.

Dear Zindagi is a marvellous piece of work and movies like these should be produced more often.

Perhaps the film will encourage a shift towards meaningful movies in Bollywood.

-Contributed by Darpan Rastogi

Picture Credits: in.bookmyshow.com

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