Jai Ram Thakur Sworn In – 14 out of 29 Chief Ministers now from BJP

Jai Ram Thakur

The elected representative of Seraj, Mandi of Himachal Pradesh has become the 13TH Chief Minister of the state. Jai Ram Thakur was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh on 27th December 2017 after being elected as the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Himachal Pradesh on the 24th December 2017. He has served as the State Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj in the past. The result of the Himachal Pradesh legislative Assembly election conducted in November was declared on the 18th of December 2017.

The BJP managed to secure 44 seats whereas the Congress party secured a mere 21 out of 68 seats in the hills. Statistics indicate a decrease of 15 seats from the 2012 elections in the case of the Congress. The Congress party in the 2012 elections had gained a majority by winning 36 seats, with the Bharatiya Janata Party as its closest contender with 27 seats. The 2017 elections turned the tables on the Congress, with the results now in favor of the BJP, and fourteen out of twenty-nine states have Chief Ministers from the BJP. Is the country headed towards BJP dominance?

Manifestos and promises made by political parties have always played an important role in winning campaigns. The trend is that during their campaigns, the contesting parties put forward their manifestos or the promises that they pledge to fulfill upon being elected. A common trend noticed in putting forward the manifestos is the attempted (and often successful) creation of vote banks. How is this done? The parties tend to make promises in favor of a large chunk of the population in order to muster support from them and to win their hearts.

In India, these promises often these remain partially unfulfilled after the election of the party in India, despite the people from these sections of the society keeping their end of the bargain and voting for these parties. This time, the two major contesting candidates in Himachal Pradesh were the BJP and the INC. The BJP manifesto focused on the eradication of the mafia rule prevalent in Himachal Pradesh, and also attacked the poor law and order condition, seizing the opportunity by claiming that they would give women’s safety prime importance if they were to be elected.

Other areas covered by them were employment and education (till graduation). They did not abstain from criticizing the poor development of the state during the reign of INC since 2012 and thereby promised development and improvement of infrastructure in the state. On the other hand, the Indian National Congress chose to focus on the farmers and providing them with interest free loans, creation of jobs in the government sector and the concept of decentralization of power.

Common pledges seen between the two parties were distribution of laptops, focus on employment and the promise of anti-corruption policies. The result, however, has turned in favor of the BJP this time. All that Indians, and all the people of Himachal Pradesh in particular, can hope for now is that these promises be fulfilled by the newly elected government.

-Contributed by Urvi Lahoti

Picture Credits: hindi.firstpost.com

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