Is it all About Money?

“When I grow up, I am going to be so rich that I can buy 3 BMWs, one Lamborghini and a Ferrari.”

It is something to remember those old days, when we were so young and hopeful about our future, the times when our brains were like freshly cemented pavements, even a tiniest bit of information would leave an imprint that would remain forever. It is always exciting when we are given a blank piece of paper or a fresh, white canvas and instructed to draw, sketch or paint anything that strikes our mind, our trail of thoughts travel places to come up with a creative piece of art, but a majority of us flicker with what to put on the canvas, or if something is already up there, we seem to not accept that and we hold a tendency to redo the piece or try to change it. Likewise, the mind of child is very similar to that of a white canvas, it is totally left upon the hand of those responsible for their upbringing to choose what to draw.

Coming down to a smaller perspective and focusing on our individual lives, from the time when we were about 3 feet tall, we have been fed with the concept of ‘making money.’ For children who were beginning to understand the simple equations BODMAS, the practice of saving up and figuring out new ways to make money was inculcated and encouraged. Little did they realise how money hungry we all would grow up to be. In a fast-paced economy like ours, it is only expected to having a craving for money. Technically, the blame cannot be placed on the heads of our caregivers, they were only preparing us for what the future beholds. The uncertainties can never be anticipated and we are thus cautioned at an early stage. .

When we glance at this whole scenario from the receiving end – that is from our point of view, we can see reality unfold where we are seemingly blood-thirsty for money. We often find ourselves extremely moved by the concept and by the opinions we hold towards money. Subconsciously, we have been moulded to take money when offered. Due to this concept or ideology, we fail to draw the line of difference between money and the things that matter more than money. After all, money cannot buy you happiness, primarily because happiness is an elaborate term and is highly subjective. So what might be happiness to one person need not be the same for another. Considering these perspectives, it then becomes necessary to derive a general or a common statement regarding money that can be accepted by all.

It is not very often that we declare ourselves with no money or “being broke”. Why? The answer is very simple. Considering that the economy is at a highly unpredictable juncture, it may either dip down or shoot up. This fluctuation has accustomed us to hold on tight to that one thing that matters- not hope but money.

Money-minded people, and people who believe that there is more to life than just money can be told apart only because of their experience, and experience is said to be life’s best teacher. The ones running behind money are surely losing out on their lives, but the ones who come to a conclusion that it is not everything are those who are pushed to witness the bare truth. Often, people holding money are the ones who aren’t happy. We have had the opportunity to see the real effect of this condition with various people who are wealthy but lack company- what is the point of making millions when you don’t have anybody to share it with?

I would like to conclude that it is a full circle, and each of these concrete thoughts arise as and when we take another step and make it to the next level. The want for money is the learning stage where without actual realisation, we try to determine and fix our destiny. At the same time, we must be aware of the fact that money is the medium through which we are able to afford the luxury of living this rather unexpected life. Use money wisely, they say, and to do so we must know what is wise for us.

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