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We are asked to ?be steady as a clock, be as busy as bee? but now we can add ?be as cheerful as cricket? to it as well. And IPL is most cheerful form of cricket on this planet.According to me, the IPL is Indian Premiere League or International Player?s League.The IPL is a T20 cricket league in India which is held in the months of April and May. The teams represent Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata etc. but not only players from that particular Indian cities can play in those teams, but any Indian cricketer can play in them if he is auctioned. Players around the world can also be auctioned in this series. But a team taking over all Australian cricketers for example, cannot happen because rules have been made that the playing 11 of a team can have not more than 4 overseas players to give greater support to regional and local players. Overseas players come from countries like Australia, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand etc. This time, in the 10th IPL, overseas players from Afghanistan (Md. Nabi, Rashid Khan) and UAE (Chirag Suri) also participated in the IPL. Overseas coaches and overseas captains are also present in some teams. Isn?t it weird that overseas players come from different countries and captain/coach Indians on their own land?

The best thing about the IPL is that the players in a team may change every year. There are many companies which are advertising the teams of IPL like Kingfisher, VIVO, JIO etc.

The IPL stadiums are filled by more than 30,000 people. There are some fan parks of the IPL, as well. Also, for the crazy cricket fans, there is a fantasy league in which fans chose their favorite player in each IPL match and if the chosen players score high runs or take wickets, then the fan gets fantasy league points.

The IPL can never be boring because there will always be a wicket or a boundary to grab our attention. The T20 format is shortest cricket format, the teams will not let go of any chance of hitting boundaries or taking wickets. In the IPL, the purple cap is given to the highest wicket taking bowler and the orange cap is given to the highest scoring run-making batsman. The most ?stylish player? is also given an award after each IPL match. The IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world. Almost all Indians watch the IPL ? whether it be boys or girls, young or old. It has become a ritual for Indians to switch on their television sets at 8 to watch the game. Do you know how much electrical power is consumed when so many people switch on their television and watch their teams playing? I also don?t know but the crazy cricket fans won?t stop watching the IPL whether it be Earth Day or not. Yes, the IPL match is also played and avidly watched on Earth Day (22nd April).

I talked about April 22 but do you know that April 23 is a strange day in the history of the IPL? It was on this day in 2013, that Bangalore made the highest team scores ever, that is 263 and on the same date in 2017, they made the lowest team score ever in the IPL, that is 49 and no player reached a double digit number. Have you seen fifty ducks in a pond? Well, I haven?t seen them either, but I have seen the player who has most number of fifties and most number of ducks (a duck in cricket is getting out for no runs). Gautam Gambhir is also the player with the most run out dismissals in the IPL. This is why the IPL is loved by everyone as no one is a permanent loser or winner.

The teams playing this year are ? Delhi Daredevils Gujarat Lions Kings XI Punjab Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai Indians Rising Pune Super Giants Royal Challengers Bangalore Sunrisers Hyderabad

After playing about 14 matches each, the top 4 teams contest against each other in three play-off matches. The play-off portion of the tournament involves a series of knockout games that allow one team (that lost its final round game) a second chance to advance to the final match.

The IPL gives players an opportunity to showcase their talent on the world stage. This is why the IPL also awards the emerging players. Many new batsmen and bowlers have amazed the international players, as a result of which the new players sometimes get to play for the national team. The new players also get to meet and learn new tips from the more popular international format players who represent their countries. This is one of the best advantages of the IPL.

The IPL will reach to greater heights and set up new records in a few years but I Play Left-handed.

-Contributed by Samyak Jain, X-B Ramjas School New Delhi

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