iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra – A Preview

For the lovers of Apple products, the company has a better version of its mobile operating system i.e. the new iOS – version 10 in its beta. On July 7 2016, Apple released beta versions of its iOS 10 for mobile devices and Mac OS Sierra for the Macintosh computers; any Apple user can download these new versions if they have a compatible Apple device. Both iOS  10 and Mac OS Sierra come with the latest innovative features pertaining to Messages, Photos and Music.

Unless you?re a fan of iOS and live on the edge for new updates, you have to wait for the full version of this eagerly awaited operating system which will be tested and released in autumn. Regarding Mac OS Sierra, the early adopters can now download Siri on their Macs but they have to do it with caution as the Sierra is still under development and the app may not work as expected.  If you want to try the Sierra before the full release, then the smart and safest way is to download the software on a secondary Mac.  If you depend on your Mac for work, or have personal and important document on it, then avoid downloading OS Sierra on the Mac.  Rather, wait until the fully developed consumer product is released.  It should be noted that beta version could make your device unstable and some much needed apps could stop responding all of a sudden.  The safe bet is to backup files before you download the beta on your device.

Coming back to iOS 10, this new bee has tones of fun ? and creates some chaos too! The way you use Messages has changed, and sending photos may not be the same anymore.  With the new iOS 10, you can make it fun by hiding the link in invisible ink and the recipient has to swipe over the picture to reveal it; you add handwritten notes and stickers; and hold down the message bubble for more features. And who doesn?t like the laser beam taking over the screen!

An important feature in iOS 10 is that Apple has given a polished and simpler music app for all your saved songs. Albums are in the library tab, and recently played music personalized recommendations will make you feel different.  It?s easy to see what?s next on your play list by swiping up from bottom to the screen.  In addition, the photos have improved with improved recognition technology.  Other additions such as Snapchat?s new memories features may be little confusing.

There are other small changes that come with iOS 10 such as the clock app, which now has a new bed time feature that reminds you when you hit the bed. Also, the control center is added with new colors (blue and orange) to Wi-Fi, sound, screen rotation, etc. Finally, you can delete apps that on iPhone that you don?t use like such as Find My iPhone, Notes and Reminders.

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