Introducing Our “Photos” Feature

Dear User,

We continuously strive to make our platform more user centric, and most of the enhancements we have made to the platform in the last several months gives more power to you, the “User”.  Accordingly, we have released another new feature, “Photos”, which allows you to submit interesting pictures to us for publication.  Please follow the below guidelines when submitting pictures.

– Login to your account and click “Photo Upload” at the top of home page

– Select the picture from your computer (or your smart phone if you are using our mobile app). You may provide any tags if you would like, and select a category for the picture.

– Click “Submit”, and it will be sent to editor for approval. In most cases, we publish the pictures the same day as they are submitted.

– Any picture to be submitted by you must be original i.e. snapped by you. You may also submit pictures from your known contacts as long as they are original pictures too (i.e. snapped by them). Just make sure you have their permission to do so, and they are original pictures too snapped by them.

We hope you will like this new feature and start using it instantly.



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