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This year, the Indian Premier League has brought some exciting offers for the young talent of India. From some lesser known players to cricket lovers, many people have got great deals. Indian domestic cricketers – Aniket Choudary, T.Natarajan, Ekalavya Dwivedi, Mohammad Siraj, and Krishnappa Gowthamare are some of the low profile young Indian cricketers who have bagged much more than their base price and stolen the show.

When the T-20 format, notably the IPL was invented, it was welcomed with a mixed response. Even though it has had some scars on its image , it has turned out to be an attractive cricket league, in general.Mind games and handling pressure in these high intensity matches have considerably boosted the players? morale in other formats.

This year being the 10th season of IPL, it is coming with new energetic permutations and combinations. This season, the IPL had started from 5th April with 46 days of sheer cricketing entertainment. When we go back to previous seasons, talents like Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin etc., who are currently top bowlers for the Indian cricket team, have proved that with the emergence of the IPL the quality of domestic players has shown a notable improvement, especially in the limited overs format of cricket.

The IPLhas brought immense fortune to a lot of young players like Mohammad Siraj , the son of a Hyderabadi auto driver. When spoken to about his future plans, he said that ?he wants his father to stop driving the auto and enjoy his retirement life because he doesn?t want his father to struggle now.? He was picked for Rs 2.6 crores by the Hyderabad franchise, Sunrisers Hyderabad.

When speaking to an intermediate student who wanted to give his IIT exam, he said that even though he has his exam coming up he will make sure that he will support his favorite team Sunrisers Hyderabad and make sure that despite his exams he will give time to the IPL and watch all the matches of that team. Siraj aspires to use the platform of the IPL to enter the Indian cricket team, and then fulfill his dream of playing for the country in all formats. He practices for the IPL from morning till evening. ?Watching Virat Kohli and A.B. de Villiers batting together is really entertaining for me where even I can quit my office for that match,? says a techie from Hyderabad. For the first time, Afghanistan players have been included in the IPL which is a good sign for the game to go completely global.

-Contributed by Junnuthula Apoorva from St Anthony’s High School

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