Indian Education System: The Need for Change

It is common notion that getting a college degree assures one a good future. However, the reality is not the same. Education does not end with the mere acquisition of degrees. It should be aimed at holistic development of individuals so that they are able to face the challenges of the fast changing world with a vision to revamp the current system and overcome the shortcomings.

The education system of a country is of paramount importance. It determines the future of a country and the future generation. The future of the world is in the classroom today. The curriculum and the teaching pattern in our country focus more on the theoretical aspect of a subject. Thus it is the memory of the student that is tested and not the conceptual clarity or applicability. Naturally, students are trained to rote learn umpteen numbers of pages at a stretch. Textbooks are considered the Bible and read religiously. As a result the thinking power of the mind rusts.

Unfortunately our education system is not helping to develop the persona of a child. Little or no incentive is given to the youth to follow their heart, and pursue a career that they are passionate about . With this ideology we are killing the creativity in the budding minds. Moreover, the bookish knowledge neither benefits the individual nor the country in general. Indian graduates lack severely when it comes to practical application of knowledge. We have not been able to revamp our curriculum and all that a student learns during her schooling is almost redundant for job markets. Students must be taught ‘how to think’ and not ‘what to think.’

India is infamous for its extremely competitive entrance examinations. Our education system basically promotes rat race among our children. Colleges and schools are transformed from centres of education to stress chambers. With the rising population, constraints on the number of seats – one might argue that it is inevitable. With the dream of getting into the best colleges and securing a lucrative career, students solely rely on scoring marks. In the race to reach the finish line, learning and education hit the bottom on children’s priority list.

Societal pressure on the students mounts up too. Students are pressurized to score the best and get into the best colleges not only for the sake of education but also because it is a parameter of social standing. In the system which we currently follow, a good career means one which gives gets you a lot of money. This in fact, is a valid ground for marriage prospects.

Knowledge should flow as smoothly as a river. It should be capable of building the character, capacity, caliber and promoting proper conduct. The fact that education itself forces students to commit suicide defeats the purpose of education in all ways. Depression amongst the youth is a rising issue. The education system and the society are to be blamed for this.

Education is the journey from darkness to light. It is a shame that education itself has become a tool for creating divisions. With the substandard education provided at government schools and the skyrocketing fees of private schools, a massive divide between people has been made on economic grounds. It seems as if only the rich are entitled to good education. If the government fails to provide the poor with equal opportunities they will lose their only way to success.

Its high time that we take initiative to change the current systems that we follow. We should learn to let go of all the stereotypes, societal pressures and stress associated with education. If we are able to change the present mentality , no one can stop us from succeeding. By promoting creativity and giving the youth the right atmosphere to grow, we can inculcate a new attitude towards education. The government too must actively work towards bridging the gap between the two classes by providing the right education, infrastructure and opportunities even in the rural areas. Education truly is the powerful weapon that can change the world, the need is to realise its impact and importance and make it accessible to all. Only then will we able to develop together as a nation without disparities.

Picture Credits : muslimmirror

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