India, the Nation- What Are We Becoming?

With the general elections right around the corner, the question that plays in my head is what kind of a country India was, and what type of country India is striving to be? If we were to look at the present scenario, is our country a socialist country, filled with promises of the government taking care of its citizens? Is our country a capitalist one, where markets thrive with minimal intervention of the government? Is it a secular one, where all faiths are treated with equal respect? Is it even a democratic one? We have lost a number of ideals and ideology over the years.

We no longer are a socialist country, because our governments both in the centre and the state are plagued by corrupt officers working to line their own pockets, turning a blind eye to the people they are supposed to be working for. We don’t have minimal intervention of the governments in our markets, with policies changing overnight in favour of a select few industries. We barely even qualify as a secular country, given the kind of fear the minorities feel. Is everyone’s view taken into account for our country to be a democratic one? Our citizens have lost their way it seems, forgotten how to be kind to others.

What people don’t understand is that the social and political scene changes every time a government gets elected. The way we want our next five years to be depends on whom we vote for today. A secular government, which protects the beliefs of the minority, will help the country and its majority to become a tolerant lot. A party with good economic schemes will put food in everyone’s table and help the economy from crashing. A party with goals of reducing inequality and having effective policies to do just that, will make sure that the empty promises spoken in every election, doesn’t have to be just empty but can actually be worked and executed for the betterment of all.

We seem to have forgotten these goals. The parties seemed to have forgotten the responsibility that comes with the positions they are competing for. In between petty squabbles of proving that they are better than the other party, they have proved themselves to be too stupid to even be allowed to compete. The entire debate of whose horse is bigger was always a very stupid way of proving a point and it still is. Our politicians need to start becoming better at being public servants. Our ministers have forgotten how to conduct themselves. When statements proclaiming women to be dented and painted are given as reasons for them to be sexually violated and raped, especially when such statements are given by ministers of state, we need to start thinking how we vote and whom we cast our vote in favour of. Our public officers are filled with this level of uneducated ministers and if we hope to better our country, things have to change. We need to vote for good people, we need to wade through the bullshit that is spewed on our screens and reach the truth.

When did a country as diverse as ours forget to be tolerant? When did our unity melt in the fire of greed, hatred and man-made differences? We are a great nation because of our differences, not in spite of it. Our leaders need to remember this. We, as citizens, hold a responsibility to vote cautiously and judiciously. The kind of government we choose, dictates our next 5 years. Judging by the kind of changes the current government made, you can be sure that it will dictate great many aspects in our daily lives.

Politics has a way of tainting the best of things and people. It has a way of tarnishing everything in its path.Nno matter how much we try to insulate our lives from politics, being apolitical is also a political stance. Politics is prevalent in everyone’s life, however if wielded properly, politics can bring about a lot of change. Our country has tremendous potential to become one of the leading economies in the world, and good governance is the only way to do it. Whom we vote for today will determine the kind of life the next generation will experience.

Picture Courtesy- CulturalIndia.net

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