The World Record Egg– How Social Media Influences You

It is not every day that one comes across a feat that is as unbelievable as the one that the account ‘world_record_egg’ has achieved: having the picture with the most likes on Instagram. The previous world record was held by Kylie Jenner with a photo of her daughter, Stormi.

Considering the fact that social media, albeit being a transcendental piece of innovation, is also home to an immense amount of fake news, I stayed away from this account. But after receiving the news that the egg now had more than 58 million likes I was completely shocked; here was a very normal egg called ‘Eugene’, which had broken the previous record with three times the number of likes.

As if this was not enough, there also sprung up multiple posts and accounts entirely about the egg; there were a countless number of memes and jokes being circulated which made this ordinary egg so popular that various accounts on Instagram even put ‘world_egg_record’ in their descriptions as click-bait for viewers. Even celebrities did not stay away, as was evident by Diljit Dosanjh’s message consoling Kylie Jenner on the loss of her world record, and how he took ‘revenge’ on the egg that broke her record.

In my opinion, this phenomenon is a wonderful example of the revolutionary way in which social media works in today’s day and age. It is quite obvious how social media has radically helped in making the world a ‘global village’, but today however, this feature has become a double-edged sword. On one hand, it aids in quicker dissemination of news and important information. But on the other, it is also the source of empty gimmicks in search of fame that do not hold much importance– of course, trying to break world records in this manner is harmless. Still, it is important to deeply analyze this situation, for if a relatively harmless and unimportant egg can receive so much attention, then the same can be said for the broadcasting of incorrect or harmful messages as well. The amount of traction that this one post gained was unbelievable– which also makes one wonder where the future of sites like Facebook and Instagram, lies.

It is always wise to scrutinize the kind of global reach one wants these sites to have and to use them in a manner that can be controlled, for otherwise– for very obvious reasons– people and companies who want popularity will exploit this cheap access to a global audience.If anything, this new world record can be considered unnecessary, and is amusing at most. The only true positive side is that it offers an important insight into the popularity and reach of these platforms. It is integral that people, especially children, who have accounts on these social media sites, be careful about their usage. The key here therefore, is balance. Where one can have boundless likes, reposts and views, one should also be a healthy skeptic about the same.

Further, while these platforms increase the reach of important messages, if one overdoses the audience with fruitless gimmicks, then crucial information loses its importance amidst jokes and parodies: as mentioned earlier, I ended up skipping this post and so did a lot of my friends, showing that people do build a resistance to unnecessary posts after a while, even if they grow to be immensely popular. Thus, in my opinion, this technological advancement of social media should be taken with a pinch of salt to ensure that it is utilised in the best possible manner.

Picture Credits : variety.com

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