Gujarat Rajya Sabha Poll- Ahmed Patel On Weak Wicket

Ahmed Patel

Congress is facing rebellion in Gujarat and it has cast doubts over the win of Ahmed Patel in the Rajya Sabha election. Voting for the election will take place on 8th August next week. One of the topmost leaders of Congress, Ahmed Patel is contesting the election and trying to enter into the Upper House of Indian Parliament for the 5th time.

Normally, there should not have been any problem for Mr. Patel to win the election, because Congress had got 57 MLAs in Gujarat Assembly and to win the election only 45 votes are needed. That is why; it was assumed to be a cakewalk for Ahmed Patel. But scenario changed after the voting in Presidential election on 17th July last month. Eleven MLAs had indulged in cross voting for BJP candidate.

After the cross voting by 11 Congress MLAs, Shankar Singh Baghela gave rude shock to Congress. He was the leader of Congress Legislator Party and hence the leader of the opposition in Assembly. He left the party accusing Congress leaders for ignoring his concerns. In fact he was angry for not being made the Chief Ministerial candidate in the Gujarat Assembly election, which is going to take place in November this year itself.

After the departure of Mr. Baghela, it was turn of his supporters to resign from the party. Six MLAs have resigned since then and it is rumored that five more MLAs are likely to leave the grand old party. After the resignation of 6 MLAs, Congress started the fire fighting. 44 MLAs have been taken to a resort in Karnataka to ensure they do not meet BJP leaders and are not influenced by them. The reports say that some of those 44 MLAs are not happy there and they want to return to their home constituencies, which are being devastated by floods. There are reports of altercation taking place between MLAs and the Congress leaders managing the affairs in the five star resort of Karnataka.

Existential crisis of Congress is real. It had lost 2014 Lok Sabha election badly and had got only 44 seats, which did not enable it get the status of main opposition party in the Lower House of the Indian Parliament. After that disastrous performance.

– Contributed by Kriti

Picture Credits: deshgujarat.com

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