The Footprint as Large as That of Yeti

Carbon footprint, a quantitative method of knowing the intensity and impact of climate change should be brought to everyone’s knowledge. Every activity that includes the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for the alarming rates of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. It has been estimated that about three-quarters of green houses are released due to the burning of fossil fuels. This is not healthy for the world as the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, etc. get trapped in the layers of atmosphere. This then prevents the sunlight that has penetrated the atmosphere, to be radiated back which leads to the increase of the global temperature. This is what results in global warming.

Getting to know the science behind it is really simple, but what is difficult is taking action after knowing the reality. There has been a lot of debate about whether climate change is real. Various scientists have also proved that it very much is. Slowly, but steadily, people are starting to take notice of these changes. It is time that strict measures for combating this rampant issue are taken. The entirety of emission of the greenhouse gases constitutes the Carbon Footprint. It is surprising to see how little people know of this concept. In an age where, information about anything and everything is available at the click of a button, Carbon Footprint as a topic should be well known about and so should be the methods to reduce it.

Every country, every geographical location has its own carbon footprint that it leaves in the process of stomping over the treasure that our natural environment was supposed to be. Bhutan is one of the leading countries in combating climate change as it not only has a net zero carbon footprint but has a negative footprint, i.e., its forests covers more oxygen than the greenhouse gases that are produced. This is a phenomenal feat and thus should be looked upon as something that other nations should emulate. After all, it is not the task of only one nation to act as the sink for all the emissions produced across the globe. Another topic that people are unaware of is Carbon Capture. This includes a variety of methods by which the emissions can be controlled by capturing them.

A well thought of method, it should be taken into account and should be acted upon. This lack of care for the footprint that every individual has a hand in will not lead to a world that everyone dreams of. It is crucial at this juncture for awareness to be spread amongst not only the youth but every citizen of every nation. By using various platforms like media, an integral tool in the dissemination of information, awareness about climate change should be spread among the people. It can be the first step in recognizing the issue which in turn will help in brainstorming about the solutions for the same. Every individual needs to own up to his or her contributions to this catastrophe and work towards undoing its effects.

Both these concepts are integral to understanding our path to combat climate change. There is no doubt that various changes are occurring in our environment that were not even present a few decades back. If this is left unchecked, it may cause bigger problems for the human race and the world at large. Being the most developed species human beings have caused more destruction than good to the natural surroundings. Now is the moment to become responsible and look for solutions to solve this problem which was primarily caused by the humans. Small steps also count and information about the issue should be spread among people. People should be informed about the ways in which they can help. Recognition of one’s contribution to the carbon footprint is a small but significant way in this process. It is definitely not easy, but it is the need of the hour.

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