The Flourishing Advertisement Industry

For any business entity to achieve its profit-objective, production constitutes only a part of the process, because it is equally essential to appropriately market the product. Marketing involves several aspects like product development, market research, advertising, sales and distribution strategy, public relations, etc. It basically intends to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the producer and the consumer base. Advertising forms only a part of the entire marketing process. Advertising is an announcement or message given out from a public platform in a way of recommendation, in order to inform and influence consumption behaviour. It attempts to convince the consumers that a particular company’s product is the best available in the market, about how it is better than its competitors, and why an individual’s life is incomplete without it. Advertising can promote products, events, services, or even vacancies in firms.

While the concept of advertisements was first implemented in early 19th century, when the Paris newspaper ‘La Presse’ used paid advertisements in 1836, the practice has gained a far greater momentum since the advent of globalisation. With an endless variety of products and services plundering the markets worldwide, the competition has become very intense and consequently, a wide range of strategies are employed to attract the target consumers. Advertisements have become a prime means, and have undergone an immense widening of scope and usage of late. Today, it is nearly impossible to sustain oneself in the market without a luring advertisement. All domestic and global brands, therefore, try to come up with the most impacting stories and tag lines, often with a fantasy for portraying a ‘cool’ image of its users.

With the evolution of technology over time, the range of advertisement portals has also widened, and brands today have an array of options at their disposal. Over the decades, one of the most conventional ways of broadcast advertising has been television ads. The various short clips that we see during the breaks on our favourite shows, might seem annoying and we may even change the channel to avoid them, but they definitely leave some kind of an impression on our minds from whatever little we chance to see. In fact, some of those actually have catchy music and a sense of humour which viewers like to watch, and in turn their purpose gets served. Print media has also been in the field for a long time now, with newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets, etc. serving the purpose through paid advertisements.

Today, however, a plethora of other innovative methods have been introduced in the arena of advertising. Internet has proven to be one of the greatest contributors, and with the passing of each day, new ways of using the internet for advertising purposes are being introduced. This is one of the primary revenue generators for the internet, as we see advertisements placed on almost every webpage or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that we happen to open. There are also avenues for direct advertisement through the creation of brand websites/profiles associated with a LinkedIn page and regularly posting content on it. Mandatory Ad intrusions occur before videos on YouTube and all other apps. Product placement is another way in which advertisements are placed in movies and TV shows.

As part of various institutions, we are also well aware of the concept of sponsorships that companies offer for various events to target a specific kind of audience, say the youth or the students in particular. This comes in particularly beneficial for college students who require funding for various fests and events organised all year round. With the kind of intensity that it has acquired, advertising has now assumed the status of an independent industry altogether, and one which is flourishing with a high growth rate. In fact, outsourcing for advertisement has also become a very common phenomenon today. As much as it is beneficial economically, advertising firms must assure that they act responsibly and maintain certain basic ethics in their work.

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