Why Everyone Is Going Bonkers Over Prisma App?

People across the world are turning their amateur pictures into the works of art with a new viral app ‘Prisma’ that relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly transform users? ordinary images into Picasso paintings. This app has attracted one million daily users and it is reinventing the concept of adding filters to photos with technology.

The concept of adding filters to photos has been there around for years, but Prisma app is unique in the way because it relies on an AI technology, neural networks, to remake the image. Thus, Prisma app tools are not the kind of art filters that we find in Instagram, where the filters overlay on the original photo. Instead, Prisma goes through different layers and recreates the photo from scratch ? it?s not at all similar to the Instagram filter where you just lay over on a photo.  It draws something like real artist would.

The app was initially launched in June 2016, and has skyrocketed in popularity last week, with Prisma photos spreading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In fact, Prisma app is easy to use and functions similarly as Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook and has more than 400 million users. Users can click their pictures or choose from camera roll to start with Prisma. After cropping the image, a user can choose one of the 33 filters – such as impression, mosaic and gothic along with the filters modeled after specific iconic paintings like Great Wave or The Scream. Prisma will continue to add some more new filters in the coming weeks as mentioned by the co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov recently.

Once the new filters are added, you can adjust the intensity and can post it on social networking sites. There are draw backs too – Prisma app could devalue the work of real artists who make art by hand – not within seconds on a smartphone.

Prisma developers are also working on its filter technology for video; some users expect this to be an innovation not seen before, and it will be really cool that users can create something unique in motion. But for now, the current app remains highly popular.

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