A Disturbing Closure ─ An End to the Five Year Term of Modi Government

Every Indian citizen’s past five years has been passed listening to the Modi Government’s rhetoric, ‘Acche din aane wale hai’. Advertising this slogan in print media, radios, televisions, and even through recorded calls on the cell phone has somewhere urged individuals to actually wait for such a change, to actually wait for good days to come. The reiteration of ‘Acche din aane wale hai’ and ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ is done with an intention to feed such an idea into the minds of the citizens, so strongly that they do not think about it, but rather become habituated to it. The truck which collects the garbage every morning from your locality plays a certain song, largely revolving around the idea of participating in the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Why cannot the government just ask the citizens of India to engage in such a healthy and environment-friendly act? Why have they recorded such songs to be played every day in that vehicle which collects garbage? Do they think that individuals are not aware about the government’s act of making India green? Why cannot they just give people statistics to show how much wastes they have eliminated successfully? Well, this is basically because providing statistics, making people know about their work will not make that much impact on people which music or slogans like these do. You hear them every day and you get to know about it. The same music rings in your ears continuously for five consecutive years. Why will it not ring a bell for you?

Surely, it will, someday or the other. It will make you fixated to only one idea ─ do not think, just absorb. And that is what the Modi government has done for the past five years─ depriving individuals the leverage to think independently and critically. Isn’t the entire JNU oppression all about silencing the voices that speak against the wrongs meted out by the government in power, which is the NDA government in this case? The present situation in Universities is such that the government is averse to critical thinking, merely because the enlightened minds will then have to be dealt with through intellect, which the members of the Modi Government ultimately lack. Five years have passed since 2014, and the reign of the Modi Government is finally coming to a closure.

However, the closure is not a happy one, rather it is a deeply disturbing closure as nothing has been done to improve the preceding conditions, and rather the situation has worsened. One may argue that there are actually no areas which this government has not ventured into and every sphere ─ political, religious, social, economic and cultural has been, sadly, tempered for the worst. Be it the current religious and the cultural scenario which has been tempered by oppressing minorities like Muslims or be it the economic situation which has worsened, the government has left no stone unturned to ruin all areas. The government, in the past five years, has worked in certain strategic ways to ensure a complete control over all citizens.

In quite literal terms, the idea of introducing biometric data (Aadhar) to invade into the privacy of individuals has largely functioned as a way to establish control over an individual’s life and records. This control becomes even more disturbing when it starts extending to areas like the food that one eats. The entire chaotic situation that emerged when the government decided to ban beef, following which a lot of lynching incidents occurred, also validates the argument of establishing total control. This control becomes very explicit when one realizes that majority of the news channels that provide individuals with knowledge about the national and international affairs are filtered; they are sieved in such a manner so as to show only what the government wants people to look at.

Till the time the news functions in alignment with the government’s standards of ‘what the ideal news should be like’, it is presentable. Therefore, isn’t it ironic that the source of information to which citizens look up to for gaining knowledge actually provides the least knowledge about the reality? Such has been the control over media by the current NDA government. The present situation under the Modi Government is really depressing and highly disappointing. Whether it is the agricultural sector which is undergoing a severe agrarian crisis, or whether it is the employment sector which is reeling under the effects of unemployment, the government has not done a bit for their improvement. All it has done is that it has introduced “cash for votes schemes” which not only provides people ‘nothing’ in the guise of securing their livelihood, but also disrespects them by bribing them before the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

In the light of its failed interventions at protecting the employment sector, all it has done is that it has cited the increased subscriptions to EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) as a measure of increased employment. But the truth is that there is no real growth of employment. Under the broader bracket of increasing subscriptions to calculate an increase in employment, the government is trying to hide its failures in the guise of success. What is all this, if not a facade?

Picture Credits : thehindu

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