The Defeat Is Not Enough!


It’s a new day with full bliss, clear sky, birds flying freely is fresh air, dust-less leaves and graceful sunrays for the people of Syria because there is no ISIS and there won’t be any wars or shootings in the city. After 4 months of battle in alliance with USA military forces, Syria finally declared that they have defeated ISIS from Raqqa. US backed forces are now celebrating the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa by marching their military tanks around the alumni circle. Raqqa is a place where ISIS showed their brutality and self-declared it as their capital. Iraq also claims that it has liberated the last ISIS led towns. ISIS is coming close to all of its loss of territory everywhere is Iraq and Syria. But this doesn’t mean the end of ISIS because as far as now its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still not captured. This defeat is a great thing but not enough.

After the shock and dust of 9/11 attacks the United Nations Security Council has come up with 1373 resolution which called on states to freeze terrorist financing, pass anti-terrorism laws, prevent suspected terrorists from travelling across international borders, and order that asylum seekers be screened for possible terrorist ties. USA was widely credited for initiating this resolution. USA supplies weapons to Al-Qaeda to fight against ISIS in Syria. Al-Qaeda and ISIS are rivals. Al-Qaeda has been blacklisted but even then, USA supports it with arms. Russia another major country also provides arms to Hezbollah which is also a terrorist organization to use against Israel. Smugglers bring oil from ISIS through western Syria into Turkey, ISIS which in turn strengthens its treasury to get their arms for wars and to build army. Every country showcases as if they are combating terrorism, but behind the screen they all are indirectly involved in strengthening it by trading in different ways.

Why and how to tackle terrorism?

To have a peaceful world, a major thing we can do is to remove terrorism. Terrorism is not something which the government should take burden of. Stop terrorism is everyone’s part. It is we who can abolish it. We should never feel happy and over whelm for defeating the terrorist forces. There is so much more to do. ISIS is not something which is in Iraq or Syria it is in people’s mind. It is in the form of a radical thought. It should be in self and by the people to avoid terrorism. The very first thing is poverty. Terrorism can be seen in countries where poverty is high. Poverty is lack of having money and shelter which pushes a person into crimes. People in poverty strive to do anything to get money and many join terrorisms for it. Poverty should be abolished. The next main element is education. It should be affordable to each and every person. Education will change the mindset of an individual and make them understand what is good and bad. Next comes injustice. Violation of another’s rights and lack of justice can be very much dangerous at times. Injustice in any area brings out terrorism because if people will not get their rights they will tend to revolt against the authority and get them. In this process terrorist groups will be formed with an intention to get their rights. Therefore, a way to keep terrorism away is to keep justice. There should not be any economic disparity in a society. In case of Osama bin laden, he was the richest engineer but even then, he became a terrorist. From which we can contradict that religion is also becoming a threat. The way in which the sacred religion is being interpreted should be checked. The wrong interpretation will give rise to radical thinking in people. Being a stereotype like whenever seeing a Muslim and thinking him to be a terrorist is also more or else equal to radical thinking which is to be removed. We are censoring movies, in the same way radical religion preachers should also be censored and others should be protected from getting radical by them. Government should also take care of few aspects like stop funding the terrorist groups and not allow any person to make terrorism space in their country. Making indirect trades with any terrorist organization will gain them money to strengthen their army which is to be stopped.

What is the benefit doing all these?

In this catalytic world every person should mind their radical thoughts. To check this firstly a society should be free of thoughts. One should understand the consequences of terrorism and wars. Every country is now striving for development today. First developmental step will be achieved when there will be no terrorism and radical thoughts in any human of that society and only then a country should focus on other aspects of development. If we do our part, terrorism will be caught. We all need to collectively fight against terrorism and establish peace.

-Contributed by Vinitha Reddy

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