Contemplating the Purpose of Failures

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho.

Failure is something that has been associated with success for a long time. We have heard great personalities ramble about their ideas on failure and success. Success is usually considered an onset of failure. Failure is defined by some experts as an existential entity that though provides a sense of defeat to human beings, is a necessary factor of human life as it is through failure that most reach success and failure can be the reason that generally there is a great value for success itself.

Experience of failure is the most important factor. Experience helps a person to develop his response to a situation. The manner in which a layperson reacts to a complication or event compared to an experienced person would be different. Failure helps us to reflect and ponder about our wrongdoings and give us an opportunity to develop our notion towards the problem. Experience is an alarm. It buzzes to remind the pain of loss, defeat and mistakes. This reminder helps a person to associate an emotion (pain) to a previous event. This event may have caused mental and emotional distress to the person who tries to accumulate the emotion in mind. Thus, by channeling pain we transform ourselves for success. Another important aspect of failure is knowledge. Knowledge is accumulated through the constant failures that a man faces. A man’s failures are useless if he is unable to learn and act upon it. Thus, knowledge is required for such an application. It is usually said that a man, who failed multiple times has more knowledge than a successful man as he knows the possible misgivings a person might face in one’s path to success compared to the most successful person ever. Thomas Alva Edison failed 10,000 times before the invention of the light bulb.

It is in this conjecture that another important aspect of failure arrives, resilience. It helps one to develop the will power along with strength required to face failures. Failure in itself can be demoralising and devastating to those who face it. Many people quit in the onset of failures but it is only the truly brave ones who will fight back. Thus, for these people failures give them an idea of reality. It gives a sense of purpose and rationale on how to approach their failures. Many people are reticent about their approaches to success but one should not be so. Everyone has the power to fight back against the “affective filter” that goes on around the world. Affective filters may include emotions, anxiety and stress that undermine one’s belief and thereby the path to success. Growth is the next important aspect that needs to be addressed by the designated person. As humans grow older they enter into a state of deeper comprehension with their lives. Through this comprehension, more sensible reflection is possible over actions and thus an individual is able to proceed in his or her life.

The importance of success lies in the evaluation of it. Most failures occur due to the poor evaluation of success and it is only when we or an individual is able to make ample evaluation of his scenario that he or she shall be more likely to succeed. The best way to move forward from success is to identify the faulty evaluation given to possible successive outputs in the past. It is when a person attributes a certain desirable value consistently that it shall be a success. Dealing with failures is an important part of an individual’s life. The most important of which is to reject the negative approach coming towards him or her. It is also important to understand that it is in human nature to fail and it is alright to do so. Another is to take action whenever necessary to help one to succeed in life. It is definitely important to do a deep study of one’s failure, assess one’s own strength, weakness and also other aspects to act as a positive catalyst for successful growth.

An interesting thing about failure is that it is subjective. It is different with different values, cultures and priorities. In fact, this very aspect of failure makes it hard for it to be generalized. What may be successful for one could be a failure for another. Therefore, the cycle of success and failure will continue through eternity with humans trying to decipher its message, while the answer lies under their noses i.e the power of creative effort towards excellence.

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