Top Seven – An Economic History of Growth and Recessions with A Proffer for Post COVID-19 Programmes in association with is releasing the book, ‘Top Seven – An Economic History of Growth and Recessions with A Proffer for Post COVID-19 Programmes’. In the book, the authors Dr. Joshy KJ, Chandrashekar Katipelli, Shireen Bangera, and Dhriti Garg, look back at the last 250 years of the growth of seven major economies – US, UK, India, Germany, France, China and Japan. Specific emphasis is laid upon the evolution of certain economic models, the recessions the seven economies have gone through, and their turnaround policies. In light of the current pandemic, the authors also provide certain recommendations on how US and India can recover post COVID-19 and what models other advanced and emerging nations can follow.

The book is expected to be released November 30 and copies will be shipped to the buyers by mid-December. It can be pre-ordered at the following link with a 40-percent discount (valid till November 30) at the following link:


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