Stereotyping and Prejudices – The Misunderstood, Derogatory Biases Affecting Society

Imagine you and your friend (of opposite gender) are due for promotion in office. You both have great skills, drive and business acumen. However, on the appraisal day, the management decides to go with your friend. You are upset but believe that your manager’s decision would have been taken with utmost prudence. Now, how about, you get to know that the decision was not purely based on evidence of performance but was inclusive of some biases related to your looks, gender and social class. Disappointed? Researches show that all of us—even the most well-meaning and open-minded have some type of implicit or unconscious biases.

Please visit the link below to read the full article on this topic written by Anuradha Gupta (Second Prize Winner of Article Writing Competition 2021):

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