Results of Article Writing Competition 2020

We have evaluated the articles received for the Article Writing Competition 2020. Here are the results.

13-24 Age Group

In the 13-24 years age group, the top three winners are Harishankar M (First Prize), Saptaparni Majumdar (Second Prize) and Alert Joseph (Third Prize).

The twenty-five consolation prize winners are Siddhant Prabhu, Ishani Nangia, Isha Samant, Avigat Bawa, Aryasri Vaibhavi Karnam, Mansi Rana, Bsramki Krishnan, Priti Priyanka, Aastha Khursija, Richard Tesra, Riya Maria, Jayan Purohit, Malavika PM, Mayukh Sen, Adarsh Raj Bhatt, Yashashwini Shukla, Pratham Agarwal, Supalee Dalai, Sudiksha K, Sankalp Pratap, Rhyan Aneev, Udita Pandit, Richa Maria, Ashwin Karthik and Bharti Varun.

25-44 Age Group

In the 25-44 years age group, the top three winners are Tanya Yadav (First Prize), Sindhu Rani (Second Prize) and Radhika Chaturvedi (Third Prize).

The twenty-five consolation prize winners are Anu Gupta, Himadri Mandal, Richa Singh, Aarti Chopra, Aishik Bhattacharya, Seemi Ibrahim, Priyanka Kumari, Saira Shah Halim, Udita Saroha, Subha Kawatra, Mandeep M, Soham Das, Tulasi G, Sinjini Sengupta, Ronald Lallienthang, Kunal Gupta, Neha Singhal, Chinmayee Mishra, Indraneel Das, Minaz Ansari, Nimisha Agrawal, Anmol Dhaliwal, Gazal Kaura, Shruti Sinha and Japneet Kaur.

Prizes and Certificates

Cash prizes for top three winners in each age group will be disbursed next week and we will be in touch with them in this regard.

All winners will receive their certificates via email toward the end of this week. In addition, all winners will receive a copy of our book ‘Gandhi & Lincoln’ and it will be shipped early next week. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please allow sufficient time for delivery. Prize winners in Delhi and Mumbai may see longer delays on the book delivery as India Post isn’t actively accepting shipments.

We will publish the articles of top three winners in each age group this week. Select articles by consolation prize winners will be published next week.

We thank all the participants for their efforts. If a participant didn’t win a prize and would like to get a participation certificate, please send us an email to [email protected]

Visitors to our website and social media handles may purchase the book at the following link:


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