Oratory & Public Speaking Competition

To keep the youth engaged during the current pandemic, IndianFolk.com is organizing an Oratory & Public Speaking competition all across India. The competition will be held for the age group of 13-24 years in both English and Hindi streams. Here are the details along with the prize money.

Note: All the prize winners including consolation prize winners will receive a certificate.

Candidates may speak on any topic including but not limited to nation, regional affairs, international relations, politics, economy, health & wellness, society, lifestyle, science & technology, cleanliness & sanitation, environment, agriculture, manufacturing & other industries, trade & commerce, business & finance, workplace, government, defence forces, public administration, history, arts, fashion, sports & entertainment, etc.  If need be, candidates may also combine some of these topics when delivering the speech. The speech can relate to past, current or future (or a combination thereof).

Candidates must refrain from speaking on following matters: movie reviews, drama, fiction, sports match or tournament reviews, profiling a celebrity (such as a movie artist or sport star), topics supporting/criticizing a religion, and topics attacking a specific section of Indian population.

Other Benefits of Participating in the Competition

-We will publish the videos of top three prize winners and select consolation prize winners on our social media, where we have 32 lakh followers. Thus, the winners will receive high visibility.

-Should we have any internship openings, and if the prize winners (including the consolation prize winners) are interested in interning with us, they will be given the first priority during the selection process.

All interested candidates must register at IndianFolk.com to participate in the competition. There is an entry fee of Rs.149 for the competition. The fee must be paid online at the website on or before 11:59 PM 7th August 2020 (revised date). Candidates who do not have a Debit Card, Credit Card, NetBanking, UPI or Paytm Wallet may use their parent’s, relative’s or friend’s card or account to make the payment. All candidates must submit their videos via email on or before 11:59 PM 7th August 2020. Specific instructions for registration, payment and submission are provided below. Winners will be announced on or before 15th August 2020. Prize money will be sent within two weeks of the announcement.


Instructions for Registration, Payment and Submission

To participate in the competition, all interested candidates must complete three steps – Registration, Payment and Submission. Please follow these steps detailed below to ensure successful participation in the competition.


The first step is to register on our website. Please visit IndianFolk.com and click Register at the top right of our home page. You may then enter the required information in all necessary fields and register. Optional fields may be left blank. Please make sure to remember your password to login at a later time for any other purpose.


-School students who don’t have access to email may use their parent’s email to register and make the payment with their parents’ assistance.

-If you have registered on the website previously in the last few years for any other purpose, you don’t need to register again. Just proceed to the second step (Payment) provided below.


After registration, please logon and click the link Competitions and Entry Fee! at the top left of our home page. You may then click the link corresponding to your Age Group and complete the payment process. Please note entry fee must be paid by 11:59 PM 7th August 2020 (revised date).


When you have your script ready for the video, you may ask one of your relatives or friends to record your video (or you may do it yourself in the selfie mode). Though we recommend the video be recorded in the landscape mode, other modes such as portrait, square, widescreen, etc. are acceptable as well. The video can be recorded in any widely used formats such as MP4, MOV, etc. The size of the video shouldn’t exceed 500MB.

You may then send your video via email to [email protected] as an attachment, shared file, or a downloadable file. Subject line of the email must be in the following format:

<Your Name>: <Language>

For instance, a person with name John Smith participating in the English stream must have the subject line of email as:

John Smith: English

The body of the email should contain the title of your video. At your discretion, you may provide any other additional information pertaining to your video in the body of the email.

After you make your submission, you will receive a confirmation email within four hours. If you don’t see a confirmation email within four hours, please call us at the company number listed at the end of this document to make sure we received it.

Please note your video must be submitted by 11:59 PM 7th August 2020.


Questions & Answers (Q&A)

 How do we determine the eligibility within each Age Group?

To determine whether a candidate is eligible to participate or which Age Group a candidate falls under, he or she should determine their age as of May 1, 2020. Thus, candidates born after May 1, 2007 and born before May 2, 1995 will not be eligible to participate in the competition.

Should you have questions about which Age Group you will fall under or whether you are eligible to participate, please contact us at the phone numbers or email provided at the end of this Q&A.

How are you going to validate a participating candidate’s age to ensure he or she falls in the right Age Group?

We are not going to ask for proof of age of participating candidates. By the way of registration and payment, the candidates self-certify that they fall within the right Age Group. At the time of awarding prize money, however, we may ask for proof of age from the top three and consolation prize winners.

If a candidate’s age is 20 years and is a full-time working professional, can he/she participate?

For the purpose of this competition, a candidate’s age supersedes the candidate’s educational, employment or professional status. Thus, if a candidate who is 20 years old and is full-time working professional, he/she can participate in the competition.

Why are you restricting the competition to candidates 24 years old or younger?

This competition is primarily meant for the youth in school, college, university, recent graduates or job starters to keep them occupied during the pandemic. If we don’t put a restriction on age, we might get responses from experienced candidates, which might put some of the youngsters at a disadvantage. Though there is no perfect way to cap the maximum age, we decided about having an upper age limit of 24 years based on our assessment.

If a candidate is a working journalist or English/Hindi teacher, and eligible as per the age requirements, can he/she participate?

Yes, anyone can participate as long as they are 13-24 years old.

Since the top three and consolation prize winners will get a copy of the book, ‘Gandhi & Lincoln’, are we expected to speak on ideas or ideals pertaining to Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln?

No, you don’t need to speak on Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. You can speak on any topic or subject listed earlier in this document. But if you would like, you may also speak on ideas or ideals pertaining to Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln as they would relate to history, politics, economy, nation, international, etc. anyway.

Can two candidates speak during the video shoot and submit as one entry?

For each entry, only one candidate is expected to speak. If two candidates speak, it won’t be qualified for evaluation.

Are multiple video submissions by a candidate allowed?

A candidate may submit multiple videos to increase his or her chances of winning. However, the candidate must pay the equivalent entry fee for such submissions. For instance, if you would like to submit three videos, you need to pay a total of three times of Rs.149 (i.e. Rs.447 as the entry fee).

Should the entry fee for multiple submissions be paid all at once? Or can a candidate pay the entry fee for second or third videos later at the time of their submission?

It is best to decide upfront on the number of videos you are going to submit and pay the equivalent entry fee all at once. If you have paid entry fee for only one video after registration, and then decide to pay entry fee for more videos at a later time, you may still do so before the payment due-date 11:59 PM 7th August 2020 (revised date).

Can siblings or members of the same family submit videos?

Yes, siblings or members of the same family may submit videos. However, each sibling (or family member) should have his or her individual registration and pay the required entry fee.

Can a candidate get his/her script prepared with the assistance of someone?

Yes, that’s fine. Just make sure the script is original and it is not taken from an existing video, essay or article.

Can a candidate refer to external data/information when creating the script?

Yes, that’s fine. In case you use specific external data/information for some portion of your script, it is best to say that during or at the end of your video.

Can a candidate refer to existing articles at IndianFolk.com when creating the script?

Yes, that’s fine. In case you use an article(s) at IndianFolk.com for some portion of your script, it is best to say that during or at the end of your video.

How are you going to validate that a candidate’s video submission is genuinely with his/her individual efforts, and was not done with the direction of his/her relative, friend or affiliate who is an expert at public speaking?

We can’t really control the fact that candidates take guidance during such competitions. If the candidates seek guidance during the script making or doing the video shoot, it is fine.

Can a candidate read the script on the screen or board during the video shoot?

We strongly discourage people from reading the script on the screen or board during the video shoot as it may not score favourably as compared with the candidates who don’t look at the screen or the video.

Can a candidate refer to notes on a page when doing the video shoot?

While referring to notes (or bullet points) briefly during public speaking is acceptable, we advise candidates to keep that to a minimum.  If there is a tie between a candidate who looks at the notes versus who doesn’t look at the notes, the latter will be ranked above the former.

What are the criteria for evaluation of videos?

We will evaluate videos on several aspects including structure, grammar, flow of content in the video, originality, analysis, insights, etc.

Do the candidates need to have a specific backdrop, design, attire, or style during the video shoot?

We are not proposing any specific backdrop, design, attire, or style for video shoots.  We are aware there are different standards in video shoots, and candidates may choose the standards they are comfortable with.

Should the video be recorded in one shot? Or could multiples shots be taken and combined into one video?

It is completely your discretion whether you want to do it in a single shot or not. Some candidates are good at doing video in one shot while others can do well in multiple shots. The comparative process depends on the number of entries and the variety of topics we receive, so we can’t say which approach is better.

Should a candidate do the speech by facing an audience? Or is it just that he/she has to face the camera only?

No audience is required (especially during the current pandemic). The candidate must face the camera only.

Should the video shoot be done inside the house (or a room) only? Or can it be done in the exterior such as garden, park or street?

It doesn’t matter where you do the video shoot as long as the video/audio quality come out to be good.

Can the audio be recorded using a mike, and then be combined with the video? Or should the audio and video be recorded together?

It doesn’t matter how you do the recording as long as the final output of your video comes out well.

Can text or pictures be included in the video?

We strongly urge you to not include the text or pictures as it might affect the quality of your video.

Can you point us to sample video(s) so we can get an idea on how the videos should be for this competition?

We have posted many video summaries on our Facebook page: facebook.com/indianfolkopinion. Though these videos don’t relate to any public speaking competition, you may refer to them to get an idea.

Can a candidate participate in both English and Hindi competitions?

Yes, a candidate may participate in both English and Hindi competitions (either on the same topic or different topics). However, he/she needs to pay twice the entry fee in that case.

Can the previous staff or interns participate in this competition?

If you are a staff or intern who had worked with IndianFolk in the past (or currently working with IndianFolk), then you aren’t eligible to participate.

In the recently organized competitions by IndianFolk.com during the pandemic, I was one of the top three (or consolation prize) winners in my Age Group? Can I participate in this competition too?

Yes, you may participate.

Since you recently organized Covid-19 Article Writing Competition and quite a few articles on this have already been published on your website, would you expect candidates to not speak on this topic? Or is it still okay to speak on this topic?

This competition is primarily a speaking competition rather than a writing competition. Thus, candidates may speak on any topic mentioned earlier in the document. If you would like to speak on Covid-19 or a combination of topics involving Covid-19, it is still fine as Covid-19 relates to Health & Wellness, which is one of the topics mentioned earlier in the document.

Can the candidates submit previously submitted videos for other competitions, examinations, websites, mobile app, newspapers or magazines?

You cannot submit a video that was previously submitted for another competition, external examination, website, mobile app, newspaper or magazine. However, if you had recorded a video after January 1, 2020 for the purpose of internal (i.e. class, grade or section) test/examination specific to your school, college or institution, you may submit such video assuming it wasn’t published on any website, mobile app, newspaper or magazine.

After submitting a video for this competition, can a candidate submit the same video for another competition, publication, or blog?

Top three and consolation prize winners: The candidate may post the same video on his/her personal blog, social media account, or school/college/university publication. However, the candidate is not expected to submit the same video to another competition or a commercial/ NGO publication.

Other candidates: The candidates that don’t win a prize may submit their videos to other competitions, publications or blogs.

Can candidates outside India, NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, internationals or non-Indian citizens participate in this competition?

Yes, anyone can participate in this competition as long as they meet age requirements mentioned in this document. However, the entry fee must be paid in Indian Rupees or US Dollars only as the website doesn’t accept other currencies.

After registration and payment of entry fee, can a candidate ask for the refund of entry fee and not participate in the competition?

We recommend all candidates to be very sure about participating in the competition before they pay the entry fee. Due to the costs involved on our end in managing the registrations, payments, and evaluations, we can’t refund the entry fee whether you make a submission or not.

Who should we contact in case of further queries?

Please send us an email to [email protected] or call us +91 7330887731, +91 7330887732.

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