Photo Competition Update

To keep everybody occupied during the current COVID-19 pandemic, is organizing Photo Competition 2020 for all interested candidates. The competition will be held in two age groups as provided below along with the prize money.

Other benefits of participating in the competition

1) We will publish the pictures submitted by all winners (including consolation prize winners) on our website and on our Facebook Page, where we have more than 30 lakh followers. Thus, the winners will receive high visibility.

2) Should we have any internship openings (for college students) pertaining to photography, designs, graphics or animation, and if the prize winners are interested in interning with us, they will be given the first priority during the selection process.

3) All winners including consolation prize winners will also receive a certificate. If a candidate doesn’t win a prize and would like to receive a participation certificate, he/she may request for one by sending an email to the contact information mentioned at the end of this document.

Photography requirements

Candidates may click two pictures on any object(s) or topic(s). Sample objects/topics include (but not limited to): any event, any incident, state of affairs of nation, serenity, street, garden, health & wellness, lockdown, home life, office life, food, diet, society, lifestyle, science & technology, cleanliness & sanitation, economy, environment, politics, trade & commerce, business & finance, workplace, government, international relations, sports & entertainment, etc.

Note: Candidates must refrain from submitting their own profile pictures, celebrity profile pictures, and pictures of objects (topics) supporting or criticizing a religion, and on topics attacking a specific section of Indian population.

Key due-dates

All interested candidates must register at to participate in the competition. There is an entry fee of Rs.99, which must be paid online at the website on or before 11:59 PM 13th September 2020 (revised date). Candidates who do not have a Debit Card, Credit Card, NetBanking, UPI or Paytm Wallet may use their parent’s, relative’s or friend’s card or account to make the payment. All candidates must submit their pictures on the website on or before 11:59 PM 13th September 2020 (revised date). Specific instructions for registration, payment and submission are provided below. Winners will be announced on or before 20th September 2020. Prize money will be awarded within ten days of announcement.


Instructions for Registration, Payment and Submission

To participate in the competition, all interested candidates must complete three steps – Registration, Payment and Submission. Please follow these steps detailed below to ensure successful participation in the competition.


The first step is to register on our website. Please visit and click Register at the top right of our home page. You may then enter the required information in all necessary fields and register. Optional fields may be left blank. Please make sure to remember your password to login at a later time for your submission.


1) Kids who don’t have access to email may use their parent’s email to register.

2) If you have registered on the website previously in the last few years for any other purpose, you don’t need to register again. Just proceed to the second step (Payment) provided below.


After registration, please login and click the link Click here to pay entry fee! at the top left of our home page. You may then click the link corresponding this competition and complete the payment process. Please note entry fee must be paid by 11:59 PM 13th September 2020 (revised date). 


After you click two pictures using your phone or digital camera, you may save them (JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG) on your desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.  The pictures may be adjusted to any mode such as portrait, landscape, square, widescreen, etc.  Please make sure the size of each picture to be submitted is less than 3.5 MB. (If the picture size is more than 3.5 MB, we recommend you save it in a format that would be less than 3.5 MB.)

The two pictures need to be submitted one after the other. First, you need to Login on our website and click Photo Upload at top right of the home page. You may provide a sample title, select category (that best fits your picture), select your age group, and click ‘upload image’ to select the first picture from your desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.  After you are done with these steps, please click the ‘Submit!’ button.  You will then see the following confirmation message on the screen, ‘Your photo has been submitted for review’. You will also receive an email confirmation immediately.  This completes the submission process for the first picture.

To submit the second picture, click Photo Upload again and repeat the same steps as you performed for the first picture and you will see the message ‘Your photo has been submitted for review’ again at the end of submission as also an email confirmation. Thus, you will receive two email confirmations for your two pictures.

Please note your pictures must be submitted by 11:59 PM 13th September 2020 (revised date). You must submit your pictures online only at our website in accordance with the steps mentioned above.

Note: To avoid any technical issues, we recommend candidates perform the functions mentioned above from a desktop or laptop. If the candidates are using a mobile device to register, pay the entry fee, or submit the pictures, the links mentioned above may be on the top right or top left menu based on the mobile browser.


Questions & Answers (Q&A)

How do we determine the eligibility within each Age Group?

To determine whether a candidate is eligible to participate or which Age Group a candidate falls under, he or she should determine their age as of May 1, 2020. Thus, candidates born after May 1, 2013 will not be eligible to participate in this competition.

Similarly, a candidate born May 1, 2002 will be considered for the Age Group 18-65 while the candidate born May 2, 2002 will be considered for the Age Group 7-17.

Should you have questions about which Age Group you will fall under or whether you are eligible to participate, please contact us at the phone numbers or email provided at the end of this Q&A.

If an 18-year old candidate is a high school student, which Age Group will he/she be considered?

Age Group supersedes the Category. Thus, if an 18-year old candidate is a high school student, he or she would be considered for the 18-65 Age Group.

How are you going to validate a participating candidate’s age to ensure he or she falls in the right Age Group?

We are not going to ask for proof of age of participating candidates. By the way of registration and payment, the candidates self-certify that they fall within the right Age Group. At the time of awarding prize money, however, we may ask for proof of age from the top three and consolation prize winners.

Is there a reason why you are asking each candidate submit two pictures rather than one picture?

Since candidates may not be very sure about their best pictures, we are having this provision to make them submit two pictures.

Should the two pictures be on the same object (topic) or different objects (topics)?

It’s your discretion on whether you would like to click the pictures on the same object (topic) or different objects (topics).

Should candidates submit pictures pertaining to COVID-19 as the competition is organized during the pandemic?

No, the pictures don’t need to relate to COVID-19. You can click pictures on any topic mentioned at the beginning of this document. It is also fine if you take pictures pertaining to COVID-19 as it relates to Health & Wellness.

Are multiple submissions by a candidate allowed?

Each candidate must pay the entry fee only one time and submit two pictures only as a part of his/her submission. If more pictures are submitted, we will consider only the two recently submitted pictures for evaluation.

Can a candidate win two prizes for the two pictures submitted?

Yes, a candidate winning two prizes for the two submitted pictures is technically possible. However, we are anticipating a good number of participants for this competition, it is somewhat unlikely that one candidate will win two prizes.

Can siblings or members of the same family participate in the competition?

Yes, siblings or members of the same family may participate in the competition. However, each sibling (or family member) should have his or her individual registration and pay the required entry fee.

How are you going to validate that a candidate’s submission is genuinely his/her submission, and was not done with the assistance of his/her relative, friend or affiliate who is an expert at photography?

Participating candidates must ensure propriety during this competition. While it is not very uncommon to take some advice, guidance or support during such competitions, all candidates must ensure that they click pictures by themselves.

What are the criteria for evaluation of submitted pictures?

Evaluation will be based on the following features of your pictures – originality, message conveyed, humour, sentiment, dramatic impact, effect on human beings (or animals, plants, nature, etc.), or a combination thereof.

Do the candidates need to follow any specific standard (or style) when clicking pictures?

We are not proposing any specific standard (or style) for clicking pictures.  We are aware there are different standards, and candidates may choose the standards they are comfortable with. The evaluation criteria mentioned above does not include adherence to a specific standard or style.

Can the candidates submit previously submitted pictures for other competitions, examinations, websites, mobile app, newspapers or magazines?

You cannot submit a picture that was previously submitted for another competition, external examination, website, mobile app, newspaper or magazine. However, if you had submitted picture after January 1, 2020 for the purpose of your internal (i.e. class, grade or section) test/examination specific to your school, college or institution, you may submit such picture assuming it wasn’t published on any website, mobile app, newspaper or magazine.

Can candidates outside India, NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, internationals or non-Indian citizens participate in this competition?

Yes, anyone can participate in this competition as long as they meet age requirements mentioned above. However, the entry fee must be paid in Indian Rupees or US Dollars only as the website doesn’t accept other currencies.

Can text, graphics, animation or poems be included in the picture?

We strongly encourage not to include any text, graphics, animation or poems in the pictures.

Can the pictures be edited with computer software to make them attractive?

It is fine to make some basic edits such as cropping, changing brightness or resolution, and applying filters (such as the ones we see in Instagram). However, we recommend you do not make too many edits or advanced edits, as it would affect the originality of your picture.

After registration and payment of entry fee, can a candidate ask for the refund of entry fee and not participate in the competition?

We recommend all candidates to be very sure about participating in the competition before they pay the entry fee. Due to the costs involved on our end in managing the registrations, payments, and evaluations, we can’t refund the entry fee whether you submit the pictures or not.

What should a candidate do in case he or she faces technical difficulties in submitting the pictures online?

We haven’t encountered any cases in the past where there was any technical issue in submitting the pictures online. We generally recommend all participating candidates to make their submissions at least one day or several hours before the due date & time. If at all you face any technical difficulty when submitting the pictures, please call us at the numbers mentioned below and we will address them immediately.

Who should we contact in case of further queries?

Please send us an email to [email protected] or call us +91 7330887731, +91 7330887732.


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