Apple Inc. on a Dangerous Edge?

The iconic logo of an apple fruit a bitten side became the identifying mark of Apple as it commenced its global dominance in the electronic market, with innovative electronic products. Apple was founded in 1976 by a group of three men- Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Of course, the name that strikes our minds first on hearing Apple is that of Steve Jobs, the man behind the ‘Think Different’ campaign, the man behind the majestic rise of the empire of Apple Inc. The man who indeed devoted his entire course of life towards setting a tradition of swiftly developing technology instilled within his line of products. Jobs was that man who instituted a posh culture to the electronic market withholding the ultimate motive of simplicity.

To be able to sweep the global audience by the feet by a mere launch of exquisitely stylish and a phenomenal performance-providing range of products is only something Apple could do. Apple witnessed a rapid growth between 2007 to 2011. This was when the public took an immediate liking towards Apple products. From iPods and iPads taking the place of other tablets, the MacBook dominating above other laptops in the market and of course, the iPhone becoming one of the most influential brands of mobile phones, Apple developed a standard of its own.

The iPhone was the trendsetter and one of the most highly sold products of Apple, along with their extremely efficient iPods. The first iPhone series that was launched in January 2007 became widely popular and from there on began Apple’s epic journey towards becoming what is now known as one of the leading and dominating rulers of all electronic gadgets. A truly fascinating and one of the most awaited times of the year are from September through October for the Apple fans out there, a yearly tradition of launching and introducing the world to Apple’s powerful and steadily advancing technology through brand new iPhones and its series. From 2007, with relatively expensive iPhones, we have gotten ourselves through 2018, facing at the exceptionally and rather overpriced iPhones.

Come to think of it, the advancement and upgradation of iPhones came to a rather expected halt after the release of the infamous iPhone X. The magnificent yet costing almost a fortune phone apparently contained the best camera ever included in a phone, with its eye catching ‘Portrait mode’ and a super speedy interface, the company provided a high-end quality cellular device. However, every coin has two sides and the iPhone X too faced major drawbacks, starting from the exorbitant price. The X showroom prices were quoted at 1 lakh and onwards, increasing accordingly with the storage space and the colour. The next target was the controversial absence of the truly unique feature provided only by iPhone – The Home Button. The uproar cause by the realisation of the missing home button was quite ridiculous. But at the same time, after the inclining growth and modification of the iPhones, iPhone X seems like a dead-end, due to the simple fact of seeing no further possible upgradation in the design or the technology.

On comparing the recent release of iPhone X series of Xs, Xs Max and Xr there are decent chances of decrease in sales. Prominently visible to the eye, there is absolutely no difference between the 2 Xs series and the former X, except for the size of course. It now allows for an intriguing argument to make its way to the surface. After years of domination in the market, has the time come around for Apple to tread its decline down the stairs.? Previously, a similar scenario had played out with regard to iPhone 7 and 8, with a mere variation found in the camera and its wireless charging feature. The outcome definitely rises doubts in a consumer’s head about trusting its devices, especially since Apple has always held its head high to be known as the innovator and has always strived to ‘think different’.

With rivals and competitors lurking around the corner in the shadows to spectate the downfall of iPhones just so they can swoop in to take over, Apple Inc. needs to step up its game right back up. While their other products are perfectly reasonable and easy-going, Apple seems to receive the most of its revenues through iPhones. In the course if it fails to regenerate a spectacular piece, the iPhones are going to be side-lined and purchased for the looks of it.

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