The Anatomy of Fashion World

When the word fashion crosses our minds, we often think about styles of dress and ornamentation. But fashion is a lot more than this, it can be applied to manners of performing, speaking, and behaving as well. It reflects time periods, cultures, evolution, and social status. Fashion is basically a cultural reflection of how people think and who they are. It serves as a non-verbal communication method. However, the stereotyping of fashion is shallow, obsolete, and feminine in a negative way.

Fashion is the language of both art and culture. The elements of fashion can be vastly explored in a variety of ways. Fashion is never limited to anyone. It travels from country to country. Fashion is related to people of all ages. Fashion is the most crucial industry around the world. It helps people to distinguish themselves from their surroundings. Furthermore, fashion evolved drastically over all these years and it has been introduced to many different and unique concepts.

Clothing in the Ancient Era

The ancient clothing was quite unique. The evidence of ancient clothing is from depictions of ancient art and archaeological findings that have been well-reserved. The techniques of clothes making were different from the present. The cotton was used as a clothing material from 5000 BC in ancient India. The earliest woven textiles were used dated to 6000 BC for wrapping dead and found at Anatolia.

In ancient Egypt, flax was widely used for clothing. Wool was known at that time but rarely used as the use of animal fiber was considered as a taboo. The complex clothing was reserved for the higher class while the lower class wore only schenti. Women wore a draped dress of white or unbleached fabric. Both men and women wore the same shoes.

In ancient Greek, the clothing of linen and the wool fabric was used which was rectangular in shape. Women wore peplos which has a heavy woolen body-length garment with shoulder clasps. The most famous items for clothing in ancient Rome was toga. Toga is a one-piece woolen garment that draped loosely around the shoulders and down the body.

Clothing in the Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan clothing is one of the famous Renaissance clothing. The clothing style was famous because of Queen Elizabeth. It was the era of enormous ruff and the jeweled stomacher. The men wore doublet, an Italian fashion garment, with sleeves tied by points. The jerkin was a jacket wore over the doublet. The trunks were full at the top and narrowed to the knee. The Elizabethan adopted the French breeches.

The women wore Elizabethan gown, which was cut square across the bosom and low over the shoulders. Over it was another gown which was split above in a V-shape, below at the waist, to show the under gown. The sleeves of the gown were wide and cut just away by the elbow. The gowns were laced up by the back. The Elizabethan era had rules and regulations regarding the clothing style. No-one except royalty can wear crimson except in under-garments, and the middle-class were not allowed to wear velvet.

Hippie Fashion

After the structured wardrobe of the 40s and 50s, the bold and revolutionary hippie style took over in the 1960s. The hippie fashion described as people belong to the international subculture movement. The hippie fashion was inspired by characteristic music, philosophy, and way of life. The clothing style includes bell-bottom pants, vests, long skirts, large blouses, and accessories such as beads, scarves, and headbands. The hippie fashion not only fascinated women, but it was also popular among men. The color theme was psychedelic and vibrant with flowers, landscapes, or nature patterns.

Celebrities Influence on Fashion

Celebrities play a vital role in shaping the ongoing fashion trends. Celebrities influence the people to dress at a certain event or certain age. Social media make it easy for people to check out the trending fashion and what trend their favorite celebrity is following. Regardless of the time period, fashion trends are constantly promoted by famous lifestyle icons. The fashion industry greatly influences the styles of celebrities. That’s why the apparel brand manufacturers produce replicas of celebrities wear. The modern dressing style is greatly influenced by celebrities.

The Impact of Fashion on Teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, they are very conscious of their looks and clothing style. There are so many factors that influence the dressing style of a teenager. Peer pressure is one of the factors that greatly influence the teenager’s choices about clothing and fashion. It can be good or bad. Fashion is highly affecting the lives of youngsters as it is an era of fashion itself. By offering the aspect of creativity and something different, it adds diversity to everyone’s life. Fashion is an expression of a distinctive style. It encircles a wide range of categorization such as lifestyle, manners, clothing, etc. In present-day society, there is intellectual discussion over fashion and clothing which hold our society together. Fashion is defined as the style of dressing sense and the ways of socializing. For students, fashion creates an inaccessible standard and sometimes have a negative influence on them. It may lead to low self-esteem and confidence. The lack of proper knowledge can cause them to judge people based on their appearance.

Body Image and High Fashion Models

We live in a society where no woman is happy with herself and how they look. In present times, popular culture have its own image norms. At present, advertisements and movies feature their models to be slim. The consumers often make comparisons between themselves and their models. We live in a society where the ideal body figure is an hour-glass type. Standards of beauty and body in the industry influenced more than fashion designers, editors, etc. For them, the ideal womanly figure should be thin and curvier. Because of the ideal body type, body shaming is now very common in society. The ideology of slim and curvy figures is now changing through time but it is still known as ideal body figure.

Fashion influences our everyday lives for many reasons. One of the common influences of fashion is on stuff we wear. In fact, we spend most of our time to select what to wear. The main reason to spend long hours in dressing up is to avoid criticism. However, it is not harmful to spend a long time deciding what to wear but it is indeed stressful and confusing. Trends are started when people love the way you dress. Sometimes, people just love simple things apart from their price. Fashion does not need to be elegant and expensive to be appreciated. Fashion influence us in different ways. It has its own ways to influence one’s life. Although it has its own benefits, it can also bring a crisis if you don’t know how to use it in day-to-day life. Don’t worry about following the trends as it keeps changing and also repeating.

-Mansi Rana (One of the Prize Winners of Article Writing Competition 2020 in the 13-24 Years Age Group)

Picture Credits: freeyork.org and pinterest.com/pin/565483296953834003/

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